Whatever your budget, car insurance is something you don't want to waste an extra dime on. But having some form of car insurances is compulsory in all states, except for New Hampshire and Wisconsin. Car insurances are required in order to license a vehicle.

Why are vehicle insurances required?

Why are vehicle insurances required by law and not other types of insurance?
The law does not want you to buy car insurances to cover damages to your automobile. Compulsory car insurance laws protect others from the expenses of injuries and property damage that may result from a car accident with you.

Laws on motor insurances

While some types of coverage are required by state law, some are considered optional. So what are the optional components you can dismiss to reduce your car insurances premium?
Purchasing car insurances is required in nearly all states. Except Wisconsin and New Hampshire every state has laws defining minimum requirements for your car insurance. Only the two states mentioned don't have insurance requirements. Instead car owners are required to show they have enough money to pay any claims that may arise from an accident.
So even there it is no good idea to drive without any car insurances and you should have at least a liability car insurance. Liability car insurances protect you in two ways:

* paying on behalf of the insured for injuries and property damage (also called indemnification)

* defending the policyholder legally if there is a lawsuit against him

You see: Regardless of the law, it is absolutely necessary to have at least a car liability insurance if you wish to avoid expensive repair bills and/or lawsuits.

Penalties and Car insurances

Penalties for non-compliance with car insurance laws may vary from state to state. They often involve license or registration suspension or even revocation, big fines, as well as jail in some states.

Auto insurances with a legal minimum premium

All car insurances are based on liability coverage. And it is a legal requirement in all states- except New Hampshire and Wisconsin. These states have financial responsibility laws: the car owner is has to show he has sufficient funds for paying any necessary claims. As these claims can get really high, even there having at least a car liability insurance is a practical solution to avoid expensive lawsuits or immense repair bills.
The bottom line: common sense and in most states the law demands that you have minimal car insurances. But you can seek and select the cheapest of car insurances. For best results, check out the terms and conditions applicable under the law of your state - before you decide on the car insurance policy.

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