The Practice, Law and Order, Court TV and Ally McBeal. What do these TV series have in common? In watching these series, you get to know and understand a bit of these lawyers, attorneys and judges’ lives—how they analyze the law, the issue (civil or criminal) and how they come up with sound decision that’s fair to the people concerned, according to the pages of the law.

Talk about trivia, these practitioners are often portrayed to be sometimes too good to be true individuals and sometimes, sly professionals. Although television portrays larger than life stories, audience like us can’t separate the possibility of the situations in the series we watch. What if you need the service of a law practitioner? How would you successfully contribute to the legal process and accomplish your goal in line with the due process of law?

Quite a tough one? Yes, it is. But in every situation, there’s always a resolution to it. Do you believe that in order for you to escape the guilt of law (by breaking the law itself), you will need to adopt according to how the law sets its principles and rules? You think you’re not violating anything but everybody is bound to commit mistake at one time in their lives. Nobody is excused on such error, are you? Simple traffic rules that you violated may bring you to the front desk of a judge if you continuously ignore the laws.

Fortunately, Murphy’s 13th Law states “there’s never a time to do it right, but there’s always time to do it over.” Your quest to a law abiding citizen won’t go unnoticed. What I mean is that when you always live your life according to how the law is set, you definitely won’t get into much trouble. You can say that the Law is at times unfair and you have the basis for saying such. Why? Check the imbalances and issues in the society.

Yes, it’s very easy to point out the common errors of the law. But as a good citizen who’s focused on making or doing everything right, you can direct your thoughts to the grandeur result of abiding to the pages of the Law. And in order for you to successfully contribute to the legal process, take the following 3 tablets seriously:

1. Understand before you whine
Is there a community rule that you don’t approve because you think it’s an unfair rule? Read the rule and identify the reasons why it was approved in the first place.

2. Offer solutions than extortions
Strategically approach all issues, small and big, with an aim to resolution. Unless you wish to prolong and waste time, you will proceed with the unnecessary complaints and whines than focusing on the real solution of the issue.

3. Proactively involve yourself
Winners know how to share their skills, knowledge and capabilities to resolve a legal issue. If you were asked to participate in legal procedures while you’re assured of your security and no personal principles are violated, be an instrument to the legal success of the issue.

With these three tablets, you can be sure that your personal development to success in life is most possible. Understand that the law is placed to protect the common good. Despite the issues within the legal systems, there are more in the system that offers solution to most people’s common legal issues. To find out about the details, take time to read some of the legal matters and promote success in your own small little ways.

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Dominic Tay is a passionate personal development practitioner and the owner of the 'Self-Help for Work-At-Home Business Entrepreneurs' blog. In there, you'll learn more on how you can master your mind through personal mastery, break through your current mental limits, and adopt the Winner's mindset to win big in any area of your life, as well as your home business.