California construction contractors are in a profession that constantly remains in high demand. Because of the variety of projects that come their way and the often large scale makeup of many of them, it’s important that contractors have the proper contractor legal representation and are fully apprised of their rights. Here are some legal tips for California construction contractors.

1. Hire the best contractor legal representation you can afford: This is not an area to scrimp and save money. Your legal representation is what will often get you out of sticky situations. Therefore, make the investment in a knowledgeable attorney that knows how to win when necessary and keep you educated on the process.
2. Maintain a full understanding of both your rights and responsibilities: As a California construction contractor, you have certain rights in terms of the work you do as well as responsibilities. For example, when beginning projects, it is your right to present a budget and timeline to the client which you think is reasonable and fair. They may or may not accept it, but you must bid according to what you actually think you can do. It is your responsibility as a California construction contractor to stick with the budget and timeline you agreed upon and not try to gouge the client out of more money or time if unnecessary. You need to have a full understanding of what the law says are your rights and responsibilities in your chosen profession.
3. If a legal quagmire presents itself, seek the advice of your personal counsel quickly: Don’t try to work it out yourself; that will likely only make the situation worse. Instead, write down an account of what happened and immediately seek contractor legal representation. In most instances, they will advise you on your legal rights, but may also give you tips on how to diffuse the situation without taking it to court.
4. Get everything in writing and notarized, with copies to your attorney: This is for record-keeping purposes and ensures that in the event that you need contractor legal representation, you have written forms of backup.

These tips will not only ensure that you understand your contractor rights, but also help to keep you out of legal messes. Maintain close contact with your attorney and be sure that they are completely familiar with your business and the overall contractor industry. For this reason, it’s best to go with a lawyer that specializes in this field as they will be well versed in case law. Moreover, make sure your lawyer knows to work closely with your union representation, if that is an option available to you in your area.

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