A spiritual path is not meant to be a struggle. It is the most
difficult thing you will ever do, but it need not be a struggle. If
you are struggling, it simply means you are choosing to align to old
patterns, old fragments, old personalities, instead of aligning to
your Authentic Self.

Many people get discouraged and tired of struggling. Stop struggling.
Instead, shift to what is real in self and embrace what is in front of
you. Every morning, when you wake up stop – stop and go deep. Don't
jump up and rush around trying to get ready for your day. Stop and
move into what is important in your life. Move deep into your bigger
hopes, dreams and desires. If you have a sense of your Life Purpose,
find the sensation of that. Feel the bigger picture of your life. Feel
the significance of your life. Intend your day from your depth.

When you do this, life will bring you challenges. But the challenges
need not be struggles. They are simply opportunities to grow,
strengthen and develop self. Life is your playing field. Use the
playing field to improve your game.

If you find yourself struggling with the same old patterns, it means
you are in motion, but not movement. It means you are choosing to
attach to the old self, instead of embracing the new Authentic you.
Stop struggling and embrace the new. Embrace the challenges the new
brings you. Old struggles are boring, and discouraging. New challenges
are invigorating and exciting.

A Spiritual Warrior embraces his or her day with excitement and
positive anticipation about what opportunities life will bring them
that day. Embrace change and transformation. Leave the struggle of the
old behind. Welcome the new into your life.

Do this and your old struggles will soon become a distant memory.

Author's Bio: 

Kristopher Raphael

Kristopher is a Toltec Master or nagual, presently living in Santa Fe, New Mexico. When he is not practicing controlled folly in the business world, he is teaching students as a co-owner of the Toltec Mystery School, writing and exploring new worlds.