As human beings, it is natural that we would question ourselves on our aptitude and our value from time to time. We all find ourselves at a loss as we are trying to lay our hands on a single, solid prophesy of a changing of tides where you will be happier and live life on your terms. There is no limit to the goals that a person can achieve with faith and resilience of spirit. With the right inspiration you will start to invite change into your life, and what were challenges become gifts. The limits that you experience every day are ones that you have installed based on myths that you have come to believe about yourself and your limits. All of the walls that you see are made by man, and you are the only one that can take them down to experience the freedom that waits for those willing to challenge their dimensions.

It may be difficult to imagine that you could change your life in a way that would make you let go of past traumas and find the passion inside of you that pushes you to find your way to start living your life on purpose. In any voyage, the first step is always the hardest part. You have to assertively decide that you are going to make your life better for you, and that you are going to stop dwelling in the shadows of others. You must take away the veil that is sheltering the world from your inner light that is begging to shine forth, and that is muting the beauty of the outer lying world from your eyes. How do you come to make a series of decisions to try to vault over judgment and negative attitude, and to find forgiveness for those that have helped you find a more solitary and depressed existence? This type of growth erupts from passion laying dormant in your soul that has been reeling for a new perspective to shed this legacy of sadness.

What we need to ask ourselves is where to find these meditations. We have to look within ourselves and summon the exemplary persons that we are so that we may conquer our insecurities and push forward with our lives, working in sync with our environment to foster our esteem and happiness. Though we may use all of the aides that we can lay our hands on, and we can seek out all of the experts in the subject, the underlying truth is that the actual change lies in ourselves, and that if we do not allow these changes that we are envisioning into our lives, that we will never enjoy the fruits of the seeds that we plant. We must go forth and create this situation for ourselves with the knowledge that we acquire. There is no amount of wisdom in any subject that will be able to take the place of the actions that you take to save your own life from a life without purpose.

Sharyn Ayn

Author's Bio: 

I started a business 17 years ago to teach entrepreneurs business, speaking, writing and sales skills. Through the process I began to speak in the business community, I wrote my first book in 2000, Mixing It Up The Entrepreneurs New Testament and after 3 more books I realized that my passion involved helping others find their passion and live their lives with more purpose.

My speaking took on new meaning while speaking to thousands of people who were subjected to the downsizing during the past 15 years. I developed an amazing ability to know how to guide those who were open minded enough to create a new business and expand their expections of themselves. They came back with stories about their successes. I became passionate about helping others discover their innate skills and how my insights and directions could open up the possibilities for them.

Two years ago my brother became terminally ill and I put my life on hold to take care of him, barely taking care of my own business. He just missed his 50th birthday when he passed in January this year. His life inspired me to finally write the book I have had in my heart for many years.

I have taken quotes from the ancients, the wise and the leaders of the world and related them to the turmoils that so many are facing today. I have created an indept insight on how to face adversity and make it an asset. My challenge to all is to find the happiness and success that each and every person deserves.