There are many reasons why people want to learn basic Spanish language, the most common of which being visiting the country. People love to know at least the basics when they visit the respective country. Hence, they try their best to master a few of the most commonly spoken phrases and words hoping they would be able to communicate a little with the native population who do not know English (or your mother tongue).

Learning basic Spanish is extremely easy. All the tourist shops are full with bi-lingual books with the questions (and answers that could come) of basic questions and sentences that as a tourist you might like or need to use. Such phrases/ words are then segregated and organized just as a dictionary so you could get them as soon as you need them.

You will also find a good number of CD-Roms, which give you the same information but with sound so you could hear the pronunciation and learn better and faster than you do which the written explanations. As you hear it again and again you will become familiar with the sound and accent of the language and find it easier to master the regular phrases.

Leaning basic Spanish is an exercise that should not take more than three months, though some people could accomplish this task in about three to five weeks. If course, it all depends upon the motivation, time and sincerity with which you are pursuing the task. It also would help a lot if you would in the meantime, be exposed to hearing Spanish language through movies, news and the like.

There are also many language schools which would offer you basic course in Spanish, which could be a wonderful way to learn all you would ever need to communicate as a tourist. These courses are usually of very short-duration and at the same time quite effective.

Another way to learn basic Spanish is to find a chat-pal on the Internet and start chatting with him/her in Spanish. Have a dictionary handy and start ‘talking’. This would be a very ‘fun way’ of learning the language because side by side you are also gaining a friend.

There are many places where you could seek such a friend – chat, chat for example. This method would also have you learn the correct spelling as well the right phrasing sine the person with whom you would be conversing will draw your attention to it. By the way, you should ask you Spanish friend to point out the mistakes lest he/she in the politeness ignore it.

Once you have mustered enough courage and vocabulary power, you can turn to voice chatting and literally talk with you Spanish friend. With a little practice and time, you will be speaking like a native effortlessly.

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