Learn to set "Character Goals" before you set "Material Goals"

All too often "Goal Setting" concentrates on what you want to get. I want a big house, a better job, lots of money, etc, etc. Now I am not going to tell you that you shouldn't want these things and I am not going to tell you that you shouldn't set goals to get them. What I am going to tell you is that in order to get them you have to become a different person.

"What do you mean, become a different person?" I hear you ask. Well, has the person you are, been able to achieve your dreams? NO. Then I guess that it's time to change. You see you have to be the person worthy of the goal. You have to deserve your dream.

Too many people depend on their possessions to define their personality when in fact they should be allowing their personality to determine their possessions. They think that having the "Status Symbols" will give them status, when the only thing that gives you status is your value to the community and that is determined by your contribution and your behaviour.

If you rely on your possessions to determine your status you place yourself at the risk of constantly having to chase “Material Goals” and this very often erodes your character. You run the risk of feeling that you have to "Get what you want at any cost" and the risk, is that very often you get the thing at the cost of the things you really want, status, respect and peace of mind.

If you do not have an internal strength of character then achieving material goals becomes a string of hollow victories giving no lasting sense of satisfaction and leading to an inner sense of lack. The buzz of having the thing soon wears off and then you have to find something new to get your "Sense of Importance Now" fix.

Having lots of things does not make you a nice person. Being a nice person makes you a nice person.
Only achieving personal growth goals provides lasting satisfaction. So take the time to decide on the character that you wish to have and the reputation that you wish to earn and then commit yourself to behaving in a way that will ensure that you achieve your goal.

Constantly define your desired reputation. Ask yourself, "If my partner/spouse, or my children, or my colleagues, or my community were to describe me, what would I want them to say about me?" Decide who you want to be, what you want people to think about you and how you want to be remembered and then make it your life's mission to live up to your dream.

Realise that on your journey through life “who” you become is far more important than what you acquire. Choose who you want to be before you decide what you want to get, because the only way that you are really going to get what you really want is to become the person worthy of the goal. You must deserve your dream life in order to live your dream life so learn to set character goals before you set material goals.


By controlling my attitude I will ensure that every person I meet today will be uplifted, inspired and happier for the meeting.


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