If you’re interested in making money online, you can definitely benefit from utilizing internet marketing community forums, blogs, e-books, and newsletters. There are a lot of resources that are free to use and they can help you in many ways. A lot of successful internet marketers like Matthew Bredel, Lynn Terry, and many others are eager to share their internet marketing knowhow with newbies. You can gather knowledge about a fast cash strategy as well as long term business building skills. There are a lot of ways to get knowledge from others so that you can enhance your ability to be successful.


A lot of super affiliates and gurus will send out weekly or monthly newsletters that can provide you with a wealth of information. Some of these are filled with sales pitches, of course, but you can gather a lot of useful info from them. You can get weekly tips delivered to you that help you maximise your profit potential! Those who publish newsletters know that they need to put value in them in order to increase and retain subscribers so subscribing to several newsletters could result in you picking up a plentiful amount of useful tidbits.


Subscribing to blogs about the type of niche you want to get into is a great idea. You can get new information sent to your Google Reader so that you don’t miss new tips. Bloggers in the IM niche share tips, tricks, special offers, and more. They often monetize their blog and want to provide useful information so they can get more visitors and better advertisers. You can get a lot of knowledge from some of the most popular blogs out there.


The average new marketer goes through a lot of trial and error in the early days of trying to figure out how to monetize their computer and the ability to run ideas past others is very helpful. You can also ask for opinions of other expert marketers as well. There are free and fee-based e-books that can teach you everything from a to z about monetizing your computer time. Some of these electronic books are free to get you to opt in to a newsletter or subscribe to a blog.


There are dozens of online forums that you can visit and talk about marketing. Forums offer a lot of benefits including: classified sections, private messaging features, SEO for your website, signatures where you can advertise, FAQ sections related to the niche of your choice, and the ability to get information by posing questions. You’ll find that when you utilize forums in a particular interest area (such as making money online) you’ll find a great number of individuals you can network with and get knowledge from. Lynn Terry (mentioned above) has a forum on making money on the internet with over 12,000 members.

There re are community forums that allow you to rub elbows with other IMers who are beginners, novices, or pros in the world of making money on the internet and many forums maximise social media and can help you get noticed online by potential customers as well.

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