Here’s a very important fact to always keep in mind regarding your marketing process and converting people you drive to your business into customers: People like to buy things. They don’t like to be sold.

Add to that one more important and very true fact: The odds are, you will not get your information in front of people exactly when they are looking to buy.

Now if you take these two facts and effectively put them together, you will realize that marketing is not a one shot deal even to the hottest and most targeted prospects. And it’s a total waste of time to expect to push a person into buying from you especially if they don’t know you or your company.

For these reasons, any marketing is best suited to generate leads and not to close a deal unless you truly have the money to burn in sending out price based catalogs every month and using that as your main piece of marketing (ever heard of a company called Dell?). Not even an option for a service/consulting company.

Your goal in marketing should be to put your targeted message for one key product/service in front of laser focused prospects using a few types of mediums on a scheduled basis throughout the year. In the marketing pieces it is absolutely necessary to get the prospect to do something specific to identify themselves to you as someone to bother with as a true prospect. This is known as a “call to action”.

The result you are looking for is to place these hot prospects into a new sales funnel for those identified as interested in what you have to offer. Do this and anyone responsible for closing a sale in your business will have a huge weight taken off of them. They are now not an annoying pest, but a welcomed guest. Life just got better for everyone.

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George J Sierchio is a Principal at Action Business Partners, Inc., a small business advisory company dedicated to helping consulting and service business owners meet their goals. Mr. Sierchio has over 15 years of experience owning and operating various successful consulting & service businesses and frequently writes/publishes business related articles. Contact him at: