Do you know exactly what you want, and what success would look like and mean to you? Do you have clarity about your ideal for success yet you just can’t get started? You know you can’t get what you want if you won’t start. So what’s keeping you from starting?

Could it be that fear is keeping you from success? Doing something new is scary especially if what you want to do will potentially have a big impact on all aspects of your life. If you know what you want and if getting that would be fulfilling, satisfying, and rewarding to you; then you need to figure out what fears are keeping you from getting started, so you can start getting what you want.

Do you know what to do? You may be all excited about getting your ideal of success and really want to get started, but you just don’t know what to do? When you look at your ideal for success as a whole it can be pretty daunting, so one way to get started is to work backward from the ultimate end result to the mile stones you’ll need to make to get there. Break each mile stone down into the action steps required to obtain that mile stone. As you look at the action steps there may still be things you aren’t quite sure how to tackle. When you identify those things do some brain storming and ask others how they would approach doing what you need to do. Select the option that sounds best and just try it. Success is always a journey of trial and errors. The quicker you get started, the sooner you can try things and discover what works and what doesn’t work.

Sometimes you know what to do, but you don’t know how to do it. When you don’t know how to do what you need to do for success you have several choices. You can learn how to do it yourself by yourself, you can learn how to do what you need to do with the help of someone who already knows, or you can hire someone who already knows how to do it to do it for you. All of these options make sense at different times. When looking at the things you need to do try to reserve your time and energies for those things that only you can do. If what needs to be done could be done by an outside professional who could do it faster and more cost effectively than you the choice is obvious. You may be concerned that you shouldn’t be spending money to have someone else do it, but when you spend your time doing things that really don’t give you a return on your investment from your time, you are costing yourself far more than it would cost you to pay a professional to do it for you. Here’s an easy example. You need a room in your house painted. You can buy the paint and the needed tools, and then you can spend your entire weekend painting the room and cleaning up the mess. By the time you’re finished you’ve invested about $100 in materials and tools, and 12 hours of time. Contrast that with hiring a professional painter to come in and do the job for you who charges say $600. You may be thinking wow I just saved $500. But, did you? What about the 12 hour time investment, and the tools you bought that you’ll probably never use again, and the quality of the paint job that will actually devalue the appearance of the room. If during that same 12 hour time frame you could have been taking productive actions that move you closer to success you didn’t save anything. You lost and you lost big.

The Law of Success depends on you taking immediate action. You get stuck thinking you don’t know when to do something. When you know what you need to do, and you know it’s the right thing take action on it immediately. Don’t be victim to the “should have done it but now it’s too late” thought process. You’ve all heard about the great real estate deal that someone knew about and the property sold before they could make up there mind, and now the person who bought the property has made millions. When opportunities come up they have a shelf-life, and many times when you miss an opportunity it’s gone forever. When you miss too many opportunities your chance for success is gone for ever too. The biggest mistake you can make on your journey to success is not getting started. When you won’t start you’re no different than someone expecting to win the lottery when they won’t buy a ticket. What can you do to start right now?

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