You’re all fired up. You want to succeed and you seem so close, but then things begin to crumble and fall apart. Why? It seemed like you were on the right track doing the right things. Historically when you look at those who succeed and succeed in a big way you’ll find they all: had imagination, believed in themselves and what they were doing, were passionate, were very decisive in their ability to make decisions, and were persistent.

Those of you who are more logical than creative may look at imagination and think you’re sunk. You may be thinking that if you have to be imaginative or creative there’s no way you can succeed, but don’t let imagination scare you. The kind of imagination or creativity you need is the ability to see an opportunity to take an application that works in one arena and apply it to a different arena. Or the imagination to see how you could make something work in a better way using either new or existing resources. You don’t have to be an inventor. In fact, other than Thomas Edison few inventors are ever really successful. It’s the people who can find a use or new use for what an inventor creates that are hugely successful.

If you believe you can you can and if you don’t you won’t. If you don’t believe in yourself and what you’re doing you certainly can’t expect others to. What would it take for you to believe you can succeed? Once you have that belief in yourself you need to be passionate about what you’re doing. Your passion will be contagious and will open up opportunities for you.

When you can’t make quick decisions you often lose out. When you find it difficult to make decisions you need to identify exactly why making decisions is so hard for you. Is it that you think you don’t have enough information, are you afraid of taking a risk and being wrong, or do you simply like to procrastinate? You can’t achieve success until you can make good decisions quickly based on your understanding of how the opportunity fits in your plans for success.

When you give up you’re done and you can’t succeed. You have to have the persistence to do the next thing that will move you closer to success. Without that persistence you can be inches from the goal line and never even realize it.

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