Are you in integrity with yourself? Each day as you live your life you have internal conversation that only you know about all day long. When you tell yourself that you’re going to do something and you do, you stay in integrity with yourself. Staying in integrity with yourself is essential to the Laws of Success.

How do you fall out of integrity with yourself? When you make a commitment to yourself to do something and you don’t you are out of integrity with yourself. It doesn’t seem like a big deal after all it happens to everyone now and again. The problem is that when you fall out of integrity with yourself you now add a seed of doubt to your subsequent commitments in your mind. Now when you make a commitment to yourself there’s that little voice of doubt in your mind that says, “you won’t do that, you didn’t do it the last time you said you would and you won’t now either”. This little voice of doubt begins to echo louder in your thoughts when you aren’t even thinking about the commitment itself.

Your focus begins to be on the wrong thing, so the wrong thing becomes a reality. As your mind keeps replaying the message that says you won’t fulfill your commitment you fulfill the non-commitment versus the commitment. Your mind is trained on all the reasons something won’t work, and not on the opportunities to make it happen, so those opportunities pass unnoticed by you never to return.

Your lack of integrity with yourself can start with the smallest seemingly insignificant things. Have you ever been late for an appointment? You made a commitment to be somewhere at a specific time, and then for various reasons you end up getting there late. Bingo, being late is another example of being out of integrity with yourself because you didn’t fulfill your commitment. Now not only are you out of integrity with yourself, but you’re out of integrity with another person. Your long-term success is built on the foundation of your integrity with yourself and others.

Realize how integrity impacts your success. Ok, so you’ve made it a habit to break your commitment to yourself and others; now what. Start a new habit of not making commitments you can’t keep. This requires giving all commitments careful consideration before making them or agreeing to them. Once the commitment is made take all the proper steps to make sure you can fulfill the commitment. No matter what Law of Success you think about or talk about the results are always in your ability to take right action. When you take right action you maintain integrity with yourself and you stay on track for success.

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