You want to succeed, but can you? This self-analysis will help you to get a better understanding of where you have the most opportunity to improve. Ideally you should be able to rate yourself higher in each area each year on your journey to success. Rate yourself against each statement with 1 representing almost never, and 10 representing almost always.

  1. I accomplished my number one goal last year.
  2. I deliver the highest quality service possible in everything I do.
  3. I deliver more than is expected of me.
  4. I am pleasant and strive to cooperate with others.
  5. I do not procrastinate.
  6. I am persistent in my actions that will lead to my success.
  7. I make decisions quickly.
  8. My focus and concentration keeps me on the right track.
  9. I actively seek to improve myself.
  10. I am self-confident but not arrogant.
  11. I respect others and earn the respect of others.
  12. I focus on facts and data and do not get side tracked by information.
  13. I obtain the most value from my time, talents, and treasures.
  14. I am confident I have chosen the right means to earn a living, and that it fits my personal strengths and behaviors.

How satisfied are you with the way you rated yourself? Now that you’ve rated yourself and your ability to achieve success it’s a good idea to have others who know you really well rate you too, and compare the results. If others rate you significantly lower in an area than you’ve rated yourself it will serve you well to take heed of their rating. It’s often the things we don’t see about ourselves that are getting in our way.

Choose the top 1-3 areas where you have the greatest opportunities for improvement. Develop a plan for making those improvements. And then commit to taking the actions you need to take to make those improvements a reality. Procrastination is the antithesis of success, so don’t put off doing what you need to do. Do it now, and get where you want to be that much sooner.

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