Persistence is a necessary element of the Law of Success. Persistence is the quality of continuing steadily despite problems or obstacles. Those who are persistent demonstrate initiative, beliefs, and the will to win. When you are persistence you will develop your own initiatives from whatever is handed you. Your beliefs will provide the momentum to drive you forward. Your undeterred will to win will keep you going no matter what obstacles get in your way.

Have you learned that no doesn’t necessarily mean no? To date you have been told “no” thousands of times. When you were a little kid your own parents probably told you no tens of times each day. Did that prevent you from asking again? Of course it didn’t, you just learned to ask in a different way. Somehow you’ve forgotten that very important lesson, and now you cringe at the little word “no”. You won’t ask things because you fear someone will say “no”. Have you ever called a customer service person and asked for something, and been told “no”? Me too, and you know what I’ve found? If I just hang up and immediately dial the number again, and ask the next representative the exact same question they will have a “yes” solution. Try it yourself and see what I mean. Use these lessons to remind yourself that “no” never means “no” it just means you either asked the wrong person, or you asked in the wrong way. Both are immediately correctible.

Persistence as a Law of Success stops you from quitting. One of the most common causes of failure is the habit of quitting when you are faced with a temporary defeat. You can’t fail ever until or unless you quit, so everything else is a temporary defeat. The really great thing is these temporary defeats hold the valuable lessons that will take you to success. Thomas Edison failed (temporary defeat) 10,000 times before discovering the light bulb. Each temporary defeat is taking you that much closer to success, so be glad for each one and learn the valuable lesson each one holds for you.

What lessons are you learning from your persistence? Your greatest success will come from the lessons you learn and the changes you implement one step beyond defeat. Learning the lesson alone is not enough. Take what you learn and convert it into an actionable change that you can make. No matter how well you make your plans for success you will learn valuable lessons from temporary defeats along the way. What you want to do is adapt your plans and your actions for each lesson. Adaptation and action through persistence will get you to your success faster.

Do you have a clear vision of the Law of Success? Those temporary defeats you experience on your path for success change how you view things. As you change how you view things the things you see will change. Where you saw hopelessness and despair before; you will now see an opportunity and you will have the initiative, beliefs, and the will to win to take advantage of the opportunities immediately.

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