It is important to note that the Law of Attraction operates on an energetic level. For instance, two smiling people who look bright and cheery on the surface won’t necessarily be drawn to each other because it is the Energy behind the smiles that is important. So, if one smiley person is feeling really depressed and full of low self-esteem and the other smiley person is feeling joyful and powerful, they’ll probably just smile at each other and keep walking. But, if they are both in either place, they’ll probably be compelled to interact.

Sounds simple enough, but many of us are not truly connected with our energetic core. We put that smiley face mask on over our fears and don’t really recognize that the fears themselves haven’t gone away.

Much of the hype about the Law of Attraction says basically that you get whatever you think about, and that is partly true. But, the part that isn’t really emphasized in a lot of the teachings is that you have to feel good to get the good stuff ¬¬¬-- whether it is material things or good health or good relationships -- because our emotions, our feelings are the indicators for what our energy is doing.

So, here’s how it works: we all want to feel good, be happy, be joyful, however you phrase it. We all crave it -- on a very soul level. Our souls crave feeling good. But, we have been programmed for generations upon generations to focus on the negative aspects of the world around us. Research has shown that people think about 60,000 thoughts per day -- that’s about one thought per waking second!, and about 95% of them are the same thoughts you had yesterday. And, 80% of those habitual thoughts are negative so that means about 45,000 habitual, negative thoughts per day). That’s really a sobering thought, isn’t it.

So, let’s look at that from the perspective of the Law of Attraction. If you are thinking the same thoughts and feeling the same feelings, your life is going to keep giving you more of the same. “Same ole; same ole!”

But, don’t get discouraged. There is good news. The most important part is that you can change that pattern right now, today, this minute. The good news is you can change your thoughts. You can change your feelings, and if you do, you will change your life. It is just that simple and that powerful. It takes some careful attention and a strong commitment to being happier and to having a better life.

Here’s where the flowers come in.

Flowers have been around on this planet for over 100 million years -- possibly as long as 300 million years. Those are mind-boggling numbers, aren’t they? It seems likely that flowers first appeared on our planet way back when dinosaurs were still in abundance. Since that time, their purpose has been largely attraction. They are designed to attract insects and animals to them with their fragrance and appearance. AND, of course, we humans are attracted to flowers, too. Cut flowers alone constitute a $40 Billion per year business. (In fact, in the U.S. we consume more cut flowers than Big Macs each year!) And, to put that huge number in perspective, we humans have only been around on this planet for about 200 Thousand years! A little humbling, isn’t it?

Researchers are now beginning to focus on how and why we love flowers so much. Current research shows that everyone responds positively to flowers. 100% positive response rate is nearly unheard of in science, but it applies to our happiness response when it comes to flowers.


Everything is energy, and the energy of flowers, without exception, is an uplifting, positive, loving, healing energy. The energy of flowers helps us to feel better. Flowers attract us and captivate us with their beauty and then, as we give them our attention, they share this loving energy that each and every flower on this planet has been emitting for millions of years. Flowers uplift us. They uplift our emotions and help us feel better. Flowers provide a stable energetic portal to being uplifted and feeling better. So, whenever you want to feel a little better, all you have to do is look at our think about or spend time with flowers, and you will feel better. When we connect with the energy of flowers, we connect with the loving, uplifting energy of every flower that has ever lived -- for hundreds of millions of years. Mind boggling, really!

And so, the better you feel – and flowers help you feel better -- and thus the better your habitual thoughts become, the more the Law of Attraction will work for you, bringing in the good stuff and the less “same ole, same ole” or “same bad, same bad” you’ll get in your life -- and the more it will start to be the “same better and same better yet!”.

It may be easy for some people to simply start feeling better in order to start attracting what they want into their lives. The rest of us may need a little help, and flowers offer that help. When we give flowers our full attention, they lift us up to a better feeling place -- and that’s what we must do to get the most and the best from the Law of Attraction: feel better.

Author's Bio: 

Katherine C. H. E. is a Flower Energy Consultant and Flower Meditation Coach. The Law of Attraction is the foundation of all her work. She helps empower her clients to take charge of their own well-being to empower themselves – with flowers – to live the BEST LIFE POSSIBLE. She has free meditation audio and other goodies on her website,

She has created a program that uses Flower Vibrations, Flower Affirmations, Flower Meditation to achieve optimal health and well-being. She has several guided meditations that work directly with the Law of Attraction.

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