Control your life, start with controlling your thoughts and your mind and absolutely manifest your wildest desires. There is a catch. We may even be attracting into our lives the things we don't want. Learn the mistakes that you can avoid and exact techniques to attain your desires in record speed. The irresistable, natural law of attraction works perfectly every time, only our ability to clearly use this law and the pitfalls described can be counter productive.

Quantum physics has shown all matter is simply a certain vibrating rate of energy. All energies will gravitate to other energies of the same or similar vibrating energy rates. Our thoughts and beliefs also vibrate at certain frequencies and energy levels. Thoughts of ours as having their own vibrational frequency not only attract into our lives similar vibrations from people, events, ideas, even financial status and opportunity but they also imprint our subconscious mind blueprint. So you can see that we really need to be sending the right signals or else even our subconscious mind can in actuality be working against us! This way, we can attract more of the same vibrational level thoughts of the people, circumstances, things, events that are in sync with our own desires.

Whatever you focus your intentions on, you will attract into your life. What? You may say, - No way did I attract this mess into my life! - . Well , in fact maybe you did, by mistake. Here is an important key in the law of attraction. Whenever you focus on something you do not want, you start the vibratory patterns of yours that attract the very thing you are trying to avoid. Very simply stated, if you focus on what you want , you will get it but if you focus on what you do not want, you will get it too.

People , as I once did, can get focused on something negative. As examples; maybe its bills, maybe it is a bad habit, lack of a partner , etc. By focusing your attention to it , even trying to rid it; you are attracting the very thing you want to get rid of! Instead, in order to receive our desires into our lives, we need to allow them. For example, instead of focusing on - not being broke all the time - , just relax and allow riches into your life. Another example would be instead of focusing on not having a loving relationship, be happy, content and be a joy to be around - send out positive vibrations of how great it is to be in a loving relationship. You will have a circumstance where you will attract another person will similar thought patterns. So focus on your desires. Let this be your overriding mindset.

A technique to keep focused on your desires and manifest them quickly is visualize these desires as if you had them now, in the present and feel the emotional state that they bring you. Focus on the benefits whether they be personal , materialistic, effecting others, achieving goals or other desires. The best time to practice this visualization is early morning and late at night before sleep. Both times are best but if you only can spend one fifteen to twenty minute session or so , make it early in the morning.. Creating a desire manual or scrapbook if you will, made up up pictures of your own desires whether they be relationships, travel, new sportscars, homes, diamonds, donations, or other. Whatever it is focus on these each day. What emotional state will you have when each of these is manifested. Imagine exactly how that feels. If you felt that way in an earlier portion of your life, use that memory to get that feeling again. The stronger the emotion the better. Also, your certainty of you attaining the desires plus your belief that you will, should both be strong. This way you will attain your desires the quickest.

As mentioned, an important point in achieving your desires is that you must believe what you desire .
The strongest, fastest way to manifesting your desires is to believe as if you already had your desire.
This is not always easily for many . However, if instead of saying you have these desires, just change your thinking to an intention. Here is an example . Instead of the following statement.
I have a 70 foot luxury yacht. Use this next statement for better belief.
I choose to have a 70 foot luxury yacht . Or even better,
It is my intention to easily own a 70 foot luxury yacht.

You may have noticed that I did not mention a time constraint. I know many successful people have used a milestone date in the future where you will attain your desire . I have myself in the past successfully. However, with programming the subconscious setting milestones can even be detrimental . I mean this in a way that your subconscious might work faster than you even thought possible. And get this. It may multiply your desires to limits that you did not think possible. So whatever you do when you plan the desires you will attain, set no limits and ALWAYS pledge to meet your desires in an ethical manner that will benefit you and others in the best way possible to add value to peoples lives. By repeatedly practicing these steps, you will get a stronger belief and certainty and such control your life, start with controlling your thoughts and your mind and absolutely manifest your wildest desires.

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