By now you've probably heard and may even intellectually understand that thoughts become things.
Happy thoughts become happy things.. and if you are not surrounded by happy things..
A Crap Magnet!

You got a crappy life??? Your crappy thoughts are the reason.

Thing is the law of attraction works all the time, every time. It doesn't pick and choose only the happy thoughts to create with. It is thought neutral. Whatever thoughts you are giving the most energy to are the ones that show up as stuff, situations, people, circumstances in your life the quickest.

Your life, everything in it, is a perfect reflection of your thoughts, beliefs, and passions.

By taking inventory of what you are presently experiencing you will get a clear idea of the kinds of thoughts you've been playing with.

Many after watching The Secret started vision boards and saying positive things. You are probably one of them. You began to see parking spaces open up for you, friends you thought of started calling.
You realized small little magical minutes of working with the law of attraction to create and attract a few things in your life.

If you moved on to bigger things, great.

However.. if you are still not getting the big stuff like the car, job, life partner, financial abundance.. then face it.. you are a crap magnet.

The main key to the law of attraction in action every day in every way in your life is really changing on the core level.. your beliefs.

Take a moment and think through the last few days. What excuses have you been using to explain why your life is so hard?
I hear a lot of people say without even thinking; that's my luck, food makes me fat, the fates are against me, it's God's will, things will work out.

Do any of those sound familiar?

Your core beliefs are stored in your subconscious. They are the program that runs automatically inside you. Every situation is filtered through these beliefs. They are the thought foundation of your life.

Without making a change in your life time of stored beliefs you will continue to attract crap in line with your thinking.

Write down all the life beliefs that you have. Start with money. What are your favorite sayings about money and people who have lots of it. Be honest with yourself or it will not help you.

Continue with relationships, jobs, family, work, rest, health, body size and weight.

After you have finished your lists take a good long look at them. Get in touch with how you feel about these “truths”. Do they really ring true for you? If not take steps to change them.
You can only attract into your life things you are in vibrational sync with. Just as you can't watch channel 52 by tuning your cable to channel 89, you can't attract what you don't believe in.

Take your list and turn your negative crap magnet attracting beliefs into the flip side of themselves.

If you wrote that “money is the root of evil”.. and now you realize that's hogwash.. change it to money is the energy that allows me to enjoy a life of giving, sharing and bliss.

If you are having a problem with relationships, change your thinking around. Rather than “men/women are users” state I am surrounded by people who treat me with love and respect.

Now as you begin loving and respecting yourself and other more, you will begin attracting according to your thoughts, beliefs and expectations.

The thing about thoughts and beliefs is they are the basis of your “faith”. You expect life to be the way you think and believe and it's always proving you right.

Shift your thoughts, think them often enough for them to become beliefs and your expectations and experiences will follow in line with them.

I suggest a lucky charm or something similar to keep with you. This of course isn't the magic, the magic is each time you are aware of it you'll be reminded to choose thoughts in line with what you really desire.

You are the magic, you are the power. You are the creator of your own life. Choose thoughts in vibrational alignment with that which you wish to experience. Do it constantly and watch your life change.

You'll no longer be a crap magnet.. you'll be a bliss magnet.. working consciously with the Law of Attraction ... in action in your life.

Author's Bio: 

Donna is a certified spiritual healer, life coach, teach, author & artist.
Her focus is on empowering others through her work on the web and online classes. She also offers one on one sessions by phone.
Donna is also a recommended black belt level 4 in Taekwondo.