Have you ever wondered why your dreams haven't come true yet? If you've been reading my newsletter for awhile, you know that I embody and teach the 'how to' principles behind successfully achieving our goals and dreams. Nothing happens, no forward steps are taken until we first have a dream. However, even when we have a dream, we can't begin manifesting it until some important first steps are taken to prepare a solid foundation for success. To make a dream come true we don't have to initially know HOW we are going to do it. Instead, we only have to know what we want and then engage our physical body senses in the process. The basic first steps include:

A. Generate a clear and specific vision of the dream or desire. Gain a big picture or overview of what you want. Know what direction you want to move toward.

B. Articulate and express the dream. In other words, it's important to know what is wanted, not just what isn't wanted.

C. Learn to use the feelings of fear, uncertainty, failure, or overwhelm to fine tune the vision. Then call forth the feelings of excitement and joy to fuel motivation. We manifest goals by feeling good about what we want.

D. Create optimism and a sense of impending success.

For example, let's say you have the desire to permanently overcome certain eating behaviors. Yet, until you articulate this desire in a forward moving direction, and then begin regularly seeing and feeling the joy of your desired outcome, the dream remains vague and distant. If the feelings surrounding your dream are strictly ones of apprehension, fear, overwhelm, or indecision -- the dream doesn't have a chance of developing. As long as your dream remains bracketed in a negative desire and enveloped in a fear state, the chances of achieving it are minuscule. To make dreams come true, you must be able to visualize your destination, believe in what you want, and be able to generate ongoing excitement about your desires.

Vision boards are a terrific tool that combines all of these success and motivation techniques. They are a fun and simple way to remain clearly focused on the joy of creating your dreams and goals. Vision boards, or dream boards as they are sometimes called, are great tools that allow you to accelerate your success!

What is a Law of Attraction Vision Board? The law of attraction basically states that whatever you focus your attention, energy, and beliefs on, you will manifest. In other words, what we focus on, we create. However, just thinking positively about our dreams isn't going to make them magically appear. We have to also apply action that will generate results.

One simple, and powerful, action step to making your dreams come true is to construct a visual representation of the desired outcome. Vision boards are a fantastic tool to help us focus on the particular abundance, joy, or relationship that is important to us. They help us see our desires vividly while stimulating all of our physical senses. A Vision board is a visual picture of the dreams we have for our life. It's a big colorful poster onto which we place pictures of what we want to create.

For example, if your goal is overcoming overeating, creating a happier life, or creating a healthy and fit body, take a little time and articulate what you do not want. From this statement, ask yourself some meaningful questions about what you do want:

• What would the dream look?
• How would life be different?
• How would you feel, think, and act if you had what you wanted?
• What strengths would you have?

Then, it's easy to flip the statement around 180 degrees and articulate what you do want. For example, "I don't want to feel stressed and use food to cope" becomes "I have comfort and ease in my body right now, along with the freedom to eat what I want in amounts that are satisfying." Or, "I don't want to struggle with my weight" becomes "I have a loving partnership with my body that allows the formation of confidence and beauty."

From these positive statements, notice what images come to mind. The next step to turn those dreams into reality is to create a visual representation. Vision boards help us see the images of our success. They help us to focus on the joy of our dreams. In addition, they allow us to cultivate the excitement necessary to take further action steps that bring dreams closer to reality. The key is to find pictures that help us focus and reflect on ourselves already in possession of the desired outcomes.

Looking at your vision board helps cultivate a belief of impending success! You can indeed live the life you want to be living. You can feel good, right now, in this present moment, as you realize you have taken control of your life as you deliberately chose the direction you wish to head toward. No more is life something that just happens to you. Now you are firmly in the driver's seat!

How to Create A Vision Board Law of Attraction Vision Boards are easy and fun to make. All you need are a few simple tools. In a short amount of time, you'll be able to tap into the secret so powerful it transforms the lives of anyone discovering it...

1. Purchase a large poster board in whatever color you like. Also pick up a glue stick and a pair of scissors.

2. Gather an assortment of old magazines, pictures, catalogs, and snap shots.

3. Take some time and create a space where you can relax and have fun. Brew a cup of hot tea, light a candle, put on music that speaks to you. If you want, invite a close friend or your partner to join in the process! Then - is this is an important step - breathe deeply, close your eyes, and imagine the goal you wish to achieve. Allow your senses to play with your dream. Take five minutes and fully live your dream exactly the way you want to be living it.

4. Now open your eyes and let the fun begin! Leaf through the magazines, and tear out any pictures, words, phrases, and thoughts that inspire your senses. Don't think about it too much. Simply go through the magazines and remove anything that grasps your attention. Pull out pictures, images, words, and phrases that excite and motivate you to reach your destiny. Along with the pictures, it also helps to add a few motivational statements that spell out the goals you wish for yourself.

5. Take your time. Give yourself an hour, or an evening, to create your vision board.

6. When you sense you have all the pictures you need, sort through your pictures, and begin to arrange them on your poster. Use the scissors and cut out the words and hone in on the images that speak most to you. After you have cut out the pictures and phrases, glue or paste them on your poster board.

7. Have fun doing it! Enjoy yourself! Let you imagination be your guide. If you really want to make this a fun experience, invite several of your closest friends over to join you in the process. Make it a party! Celebrate life and the act of creation with those friends or family you most love spending your time with!

8. Once your board is completed, activate your Vision board. Place it in a room or on a wall that you can look at it often for a month or two. Perhaps the best place would be in your office where you can put it in front of you and look at it often. Or maybe the best place is in your bedroom, where you can reflect on your dream first thing in the morning, and make it the last thing you look at before you close your eyes at night. You could tack it to the ceiling above your bed, or it might just make an excellent screen saver.

By using your Vision board you will be able to put the "Law of Attraction" into use immediately. As time passes, feel free to add to your board, or paste over what doesn't work. Make it come alive by dwelling on it every now and then when inspired. As you concentrate on these visual images of what you want, add a sense of peace and joy. Smile. Inhale the sensation of you having exactly what you want. Allow your subconscious mind to help you achieve your goals. You now have a self-generated tool that keeps you focused on your desires and makes you feel good. Your vision board is the most powerful tool assisting you in manifesting abundance!

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