Peacefulness is a state of Being. It's a choice. It has nothing to do with circumstances or other people.
We make choices all day long and choose our state of Being through our thoughts and feelings. Most of the time we are not conscious of the choosing.

A few years ago I heard a wonderful story that explains it beautifully.

There was a great king who offered a treasure to the artist who could bring him a painting that most represented peace.

On the appointed day many artists arrived at the king's court with painting after painting of sunrises, sunsets, beautiful fields of flowers and other breath taking sights.

One after another they filed before the king to show what they felt represented peace.

Finally there arrived an artist with a painting of a powerful water fall rushing over the rocks. Hidden behind the waterfall was a nest with a mother bird serenely sitting on her eggs.

This is the painting he chose.

The story shows that peacefulness is not a matter of circumstances, but a matter of conscious choice.
Regardless of the conditions you find yourself in you can at this moment choose to Be peaceful.

Begin by accepting that every one and every thing in your life is there with your permission and through your creative energy. Nothing can be in your experience unless you attract it and permit it.
You are a powerful magnet, creating and attracting through the law of attraction, everything you passionately feel and think about.

Knowing this, you can relax and enjoy the power to create that is yours. You can accept that if you are powerful enough to create your present situation you can just as easily create something different to experience.

If your experience is not to your liking you have most likely created unconsciously. Use that same energy, power of passionate thought and feeling to change the outer circumstances as you choose peace.
Your choice of a state of being is easily noticed by the words you speak. What do you most often say after I AM_________________?

Each time you proclaim with an I AM declaration you are choosing a State of Being.
Starting right now line your words up with your desired state of being.
It's not enough to just say it either. You must feel it. Take a moment now and again throughout your day to be still and listen to your inner guidance. Feel your state of being, choose again if this is not the state you wish to experience.

Even, and maybe especially, in the midst of your own powerful waterfalls in life, choose peace. Time and again choose peace. Through awareness and conscious thinking you will powerfully create an inner state of Being that will magically change your outer experience. The key to transforming your experiences is healing and defining your inner state.

Everything outside you is a reflection of your inner beliefs. By choosing peace, you will experience peace and more peaceful experiences will manifest in your life.

Use the affirmations to guide you through the day.

All is perfect, right here, right now.

Peace is a conscious choice.

I embrace the feeling, the state of Being; peace.

My state of Peace attracts peaceful circumstances and people.

I trust the Universe and my Inner Wisdom to guide me.

Love, joy and peace flow through me.

I am a channel of well being through conscious choice.

Peace is the result of my giving up trying to control everything and everyone.

Peace dwells in my life and I dwell in peace.

I embrace joy, peace and love.

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Donna DeVane is a certified spiritual healer, life coach, author and teacher. Her passion is helping others live empowered lives through her books, classes and one on one sessions.
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