If you don't think the Law of Attraction is working for you, then try and understand that the Law works the same for everybody - we just don't all put the same kinds of thoughts and feelings into our desires. Everyone uses their thought processes in different ways; different thoughts generate different results. People who are successful at creating and manifesting their dreams and desires are people who think about their plans and desires in a certain way. But people who don't seem to be getting what they want in life also think about the things they want in a certain way - and each kind of thinking bears its own kind of fruit.

People who are successful and creative typically think in terms of possibilities, opportunities, and success; they think of the worst-possible outcome, for any given situation, only long enough to make decisions about the future - never dwelling on "worst-case scenarios" after a decision has been made. People who complain that prayers aren't answered, and the Law of Attraction doesn't work, on the other hand, have a tendency to dwell on the worst thing imaginable - shooting themselves in the foot, where the Law of Attraction is concerned, by maintaining a more negative emotional state.

If you can identify negative or limiting thought-patterns and behaviors within yourself that are holding you back, you can take steps to eliminate them using prayer, meditation, or an Energy Psychology technique like Gary Craig's Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), or Grant Connolly's Z-Point Process. The first step in eliminating negative thoughts and behaviors is to recognize negative thoughts and actions when they arise.

Here's a list of 10-common Law of Attraction mistakes that can keep your dreams at bay:

1. Thinking about what you don't want rather than what you do want
2. Spending more time thinking negative thoughts than you do thinking "positively"
3. Being impatient
4. Not thinking about what you want
5. Not doing what you love - not maintaining a positive mental/emotional state
6. Declaring that the Law of Attraction doesn't work, or prayers aren't answered
7. Not being specific about what you want
8. Trying to control outcomes and change physical conditions with force
9. Thinking, or worrying, too much about what you might be doing wrong
10. Being Judgmental, Unforgiving, Ungrateful, and/or Unappreciative

Any of these things will put you in a negative state rather than a positive one; and your "vibration" will be one of stress rather than joy, relaxation, and healing. If you find yourself thinking or doing any of the things from this list, you may be able to receive the experience you have been trying to attract by simply letting-go of the "negative" behavior, or replacing it with the "positive" version - for example, spending more time thinking positively than negatively, or being very specific about your desire. When you have removed these self-limiting behaviors, and are clear about your heart's desire, there will be nothing between you and your dreams.

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