Everyday, Lee and I visualize what we desire in our lives and we always adhere to the basics of the Law of Attraction during our visualization times. You already know the basics: think of things as if they are happening in the now, feel and see exactly what you wish to attain and, when you're done, let the Universe handle it. So is there anything that you can do to speed up the process? There are many manifesting accelerators but we have found one accelerator to be not only quick, but fun.

Lee and I often have meetings with people who don't quite understand the Law of Attraction. When we attend one of these meetings, Lee and I have found a sure fire way through the Law of Attraction to have everything go just as we want.

A lot of us, when we visualize, do just fine. We have a beautiful image in our head of exactly what we want; we enjoy the moments as if they are happening now, and then when we are done, go back to what we call the 'real' world (the world where house payments are due). Then we slip back into what we see around us until our next visualization session.

When Lee and I anticipate one of our meetings, we carry out a routine the night before. We pop popcorn, open up some chocolate covered peanuts, and rent two movies that make us laugh so hard milk (or in our case, diet soda) sprays from our noses.

After we put our eight year old to bed, we adjourn to our room and talk about what we want to accomplish at the meeting the next day. Once we are clear on our objectives, we sit and visualize how the meeting will go. Right after that, and I mean right after, we pop our popcorn, grab those couple of diet sodas, and sit down in our movie chairs. We are still feeling good about how we visualize our meeting to be the next day and then we have a laugh fest. Comedies are tops in the McCain house.

We sit for three and a half hours and laugh outright, complete with the gooey buttered popcorn. These laughter vibrations, coming right after the visualization session, will give your wants and desires a great push. Laughter is very close to the 'love' vibe, and to giggle is good for you.

We have yet to have a bad meeting. We end up leaving with everything that we could have wanted and more. Even with uptight businessman men who are only after the buck, we are victorious. We had one businessman tell us that he had never had so much fun in a meeting; that our good humor was contagious.

Obviously, this works for any kind of day that you are going to have. Not just for meetings. If you have a day that you know might be a little tense, team up with your partner or just have your own laugh fest, and get the good vibrations going. This over-the-top exhibition of happiness that laughter creates for those few hours will move your desires quickly to you.

So try it. Next time you have a big day ahead, go grab some popcorn and a great laugh out loud movie and just, well, laugh. You know what they say: 'Laughter is good for the soul.' And that is never more true than with the Law of Attraction.

Author's Bio: 

Beth and Lee McCain are full time instructors and lecturers in applying the Law of Attraction, or better known as the Secret, in your life to attain whatever you desire. For more information, please visit: www.bethandleemccain.com