One of the biggest benefits with laser eye surgery reviews is to determine just when Lasik may not be suitable for you.

Lasik has been a wonderful innovation yes, but did you know everyone who thinks they need it may not be eligible for varying reasons. Pre-operation tests will normally discount you as a candidate if there is a chance you'll suffer serious implications if you go ahead with the procedure.

This article is intended for those in the "thinking stages" regarding Lasik. We'll give you some possible reasons why you may not be a good fit. As far as laser eye surgery reviews, this one will definitely not be sugar-coated.

When Lasik May Not Suit You

1. If you have serious problems or are considered too much of a risk then you will not qualify. A Lasik surgeon won't jeopardize your health or their livelihood by taking unnecessary risks. If they do, then run a mile.

2. Refractive procedures are frowned upon in some professions. It's just a fact of life. Some professions have strict rules about refractive surgery so it may just pay to check with your employer if Lasik will affect your position with your company.

3. If you have had one or more prescription changes to your eye wear during a 12 month period then you could be considered a risk for Lasik eye surgery. Why? Changes in prescription generally indicates a little instability which could be viewed as a worrying sign for surgeons.

4. Your age will determine whether you're eligible for Lasik. If you're less than 18 then you won't be considered. Some surgeons may not even consider you if you're in your early twenties however, don't dismiss the possibility until you've spoken with them.

5. If you suffer from any medical conditions or are taking medications then this could prevent you from qualifying for Lasik. Any worthwhile laser eye surgery reviews should clearly state this as many patients have had to forfeit their procedures because of this. Don't hold anything back during the consultation stage because the more your surgeon knows about you the better chance you have of experiencing a successful outcome.

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