Imagine living your perfect life.

Imagine getting up into surroundings that you love.

Imagine getting up with someone you love.

Imagine having a perfect, harmonious, healthy, happy breakfast.

Imagine doing throughout the day what you love doing. Imagine ‘not working’, but ‘playing’ as you live out your heart’s desire.

Imagine feeling all ‘pumped up’ about life, about your work.

Imagine a serene satisfaction at a productive, effective and happy life.

Feels good, right?

Would you want to live such a life? Is it possible? Are people living such lives?

Are you kidding? They sure are!!

Do you want to live such a charmed life?

Are you kidding? Of course!!

You can live your perfect life!

But there is a condition.

You have got to know what it is!!

If you do not know what your perfect life looks like, feels like, sounds like, smells like, tastes like… how will you create it? How will you create anything remotely like it?

Moral of the story: To create a perfect life – the first, the very first pre-requisite is that you should know what a perfect life means to YOU!!

Okay, so what does it mean to you?

It means that you – yes, hello… I am talking to you – can … yes, yes, YOU can create anything – ANYTHING you desire.

Don’t believe me?

Take a goal. By when do you want to achieve it? Let us say you want to achieve it in the next six months.

This is what you do now…

Sit down and pretend that the six months are over. You are already there and you have already achieved the goal. Write a story about how you feel, what you see, hear, smell. What are people telling you? What are your feelings about the whole thing? Write it, now – as if you are in the future and have already achieved your goal.

And then, read it everyday with emotions for the next six months, that's all!!

It's a challenge, are you game?

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