The all important questions is:

"Do we have to believe EXACTLY what the known gurus have to say, follow them blindly as per their dictum and LOOSE Money?

Recent developments have proved that small website owners loose money by blindly following gurus without a second thought.

It's a self-imposed trap!

*Before you fall into Impulsive-Money-Parting ways, consider these suggestions*

Check --Before Joining An Affiliate Program

What is a good affiliate program? Check for these 8 attributes before you think of joining a program. If you score 5 of them correctly you can join it.

1. --Offers High first-purchase commission on customers referred by you.
2. --Life time commission on all future purchases done by the 'customer' originally referred by you.
3. --Commissions on sales generated by 'affiliates' referred by you.
4. --Free to join programs where companies will not ask up-front money from you.
5. --Has high-demand info products or services that gives you minimum 50% Commission.
6. --Rapidly growing product line that enables you to sell more products.
7. --Chance for ongoing education, training and learning opportunities.
8. --Provides superb marketing tools to build business, provides personal support if required.

For e.g. You can check out our own Affiliate Program for about 40 products and judge whether we score more than 5!

Check --Before Buying An Info-Product

No doubt! There are some excellent eBooks out there. But what is a good eBook?

An eBook is as good as its author, and some authors are notorious for recycling the same content, give a different title to it and resell it back to us! --which we already possess!

Next time you are tempted to click on the order link for that 'Brand New eBook', let the following 6 points flash through your mind.

1. --Always look for the Guarantee. Good Software companies always offer a guarantee. It does not matter if it is 30 days or 10 years!

2. --See if the company is offering a trial/ demo version. This shows the author's confidence. If somebody is asking for a Direct Order --hold it! Give a search in the search engines and look for a similar product that offer a demo version. This is especially true if the product is above $50 and is expensive.

3. --If you are going to buy on the recommendation from a 'Guru' --Make sure that he is a real guru known for his unbiased opinions and advises.

4. --Most of the 'Gurus' do have a Free eBook! Download it first, check for content quality and real resources. Check again for the amount of 'Affiliate Links' he has thrown in under the garb of a resource! This will reveal --whether the Author is quality conscious or he simply wants your money.

5. --Is the Price right? Ask again! I have bought many eBooks and found the asking price too much for measly information. Look beyond the hype! In fact this prompted me to open a "6 Only eBook Store" at my site. You may check it out here:

6.-- Finally, Do not buy on an impulse! Be doubly sure that you actually need the products

Be aware of what you are paying for --Fully and completely!
You will soon narrow down to good affiliate programs, good
eBooks and trustworthy recommendations.

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