Knowledge of the anatomical and physiological structure of one’s own body leads to the discovery of ways to deliverance through nontraditional healing.

Who, besides you, must love yourself and your own body most of all? Your body demands knowledge to help it cope with disaster, and you are its only assistant.

Knowledge, accumulated through millennia, is in your hands once you manifest curiosity. From where it comes doesn’t matter; the result is most important.

Your recovery or prevention of disease depends only on you. A willingness to preserve oneself and to follow one’s heart can assist in the yet unwaged battle.

Conversing with our subconscious, we find the reason for our physical state, and then, we continue the search for clues to eliminate the illness.

If necessary, traditional methods using medicine and surgery can be of service. However, at the same time, one can also employ the old ways of healing, such as herbs, positive affirmations, breathing exercises, acupuncture, or the use of special invisible forces through those unique individuals – the healers.

Various temptations await you here. To follow this path, you may receive clues from your own body, which subconsciously knows the successful road to recovery, sometimes in spite of the various opinions of your relatives.

Trust your subconscious. It will prompt you to make the right choice, and your chosen guide--educator, doctor, counselor or your family friend who, for a time will become an intermediary between you and the Higher Forces of nature--will be your teacher.

© Rachel Madorsky
"Create Your Own Destiny!"

Author's Bio: 

Rachel Madorsky, an internationally published author of several books and a renowned authority on the bioEnergy healing and Energy Medicine.

She authored several books including, “Symphony of Your Karma,” “Karma of Your Destiny,” “Create Your Own Destiny,” “Energy and Health of Man” and “Your Choice.”

Rachel’s books and numerous articles offer profound insights into the power of natural and spiritual healing and are filled with inspiring stories of people who have benefited from her compassion and gifts.