Got your attention didn't I? There is a "nasty" little sales habit that separates "wanna be" amateurs from professionals. And I mean NASTY ... it is a moldy green, time-consuming, energy-wasting, confidence-zapping habit. Want to know what it is?

Most sales people CHASE their customers.

They also don't make much money.

However, professional and savvy sales people DON'T EVER CHASE THE WRONG CUSTOMERS.

I just heard your stomach drop. You may be thinking..."YIKES! I think I may be a CHASER!"

If for any reason one of the following phrases has slipped out of your mouth - you need some serious Diva Sales Therapy!

- I want everyone.
- Anyone who has money is my customer.
- I can help everyone.
- I am not picky - we need the money!

Here's some news out of left field for you....YOU CAN"T BE EVERYTHING TO EVERYONE.

If you think like that - you are on a slippery slope to losing a lot of money.

In selling (which in my Diva world is all about RELATIONSHIPS) you focus on ATTRACTING customers vs CHASING them around the block! (I don't know about you - but the last time I chased something it ran like heck away from me!)

There are literally tons of methods for ATTRACTING customers. But before you can jump into those strategies you have to KNOW WHO YOUR CUSTOMER IS.

Better yet - who do you WANT as a customer?

Here are a few Diva Fun-work questions for you to get started (sounds better than homework doesn't it?):

1. How does your product/service help customers?
2. What makes you different?
3. Why would a customer choose your product/service?
4. In the past year - which customers delivered the highest ROI (return on investment)?

Remember - the first step in becoming a professional business person is understanding how you create solid and valuable customer relationships. If you don't know who your customer is you are on a ship that is sinking fast.

So make this year one of strategy vs winging it! If you currently are CHASING customers and handing out business cards like a poker dealer gone mad on caffeine - then you need to STOP and re-evaluate right now.

Remember - "nasty" little habits don't get you anywhere (ever been obsessed with a broken and ragged fingernail?) but GOOD HABITS will get you into the Diva Good Books - as well as your customer!

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