WOW!! Can you believe it is 2006?

Doesn't it seem like yesterday that we were drinking champagne bringing in the new century??

6 years have gone by since then. What have YOU filled them with?

This Is Going To Be Your Felt-Marker Year!

You've seen them - those fabulous huge felt markers that little kids love coloring with. They leave a BOLD mark!

One thing this Sales Diva knows - that unless you plan something BOLD every year- life has a way of tip-toeing past you.

And all you are left with is bills, excuses and the odd gray hair (Ok - a heck of a lot of gray hair!)

This decade is almost 60% over - wouldn't you like to KICK IT UP A NOTCH?

Why Is Selling About Being Bold?

Listen - being "vanilla" in this world gets you absolutely nowhere.

Your customer - and potential customers - want to buy from people/companies they trust, admire, respect and overall LOVE!

If you are blending in with the crowd, copying what others are doing and basically COASTING - I have some tough news for you.

You are going to keep STRUGGLING.

However, if you make a BOLD impact with your customers on what you deliver, how you HELP THEM GROW, how BOLDLY easy it is to work with you - they will start lining up at the doors.

I don't know about you - but I only buy from businesses that have heart and passion and who show me VALUE.

I simply don't have time for anything or anyone who pride themselves on being "vanilla".


Quit being average. Quit being so afraid of taking a chance. Quit playing it so damn safe!

Your business and your customers need you to be EVEN MORE of who you are.

You are already pretty amazing. But you know what I am talking about - deep down there are some things you have been coasting on...and they bug you.

Bring your ideas to the light of day. Expose them - do a pilot project - fly the kite! You will be THRILLED at what being BOLD will do for you - and the wonderful OPPORTUNITIES that will be attracted to you.

This BOLD DIVA believes in you!

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