Overcoming your limiting beliefs is the key to unlock your success. You may not even realize it, but you hold limiting beliefs that are preventing you from having success now or ever. Until you identify your limiting beliefs, and change those beliefs you will continue to struggle trying to achieve success. But success will always be just out of reach because you repeatedly put up roadblocks that keep you from moving forward. Let’s look at just a few of the limiting beliefs that you may hold that are keeping you from success.

You think you sell insurance and/or investments. You think that because you either don’t understand or have forgotten a critical truth about any business. All businesses exist to serve customers and all businesses serve their customers by helping them to obtain what they want, and what they want is very emotional for the customer. So, who are your customers? What do your customers want? What positive emotion will they get when you help them to get what they want? When you can answer those questions you will understand what you’re really selling.

You think people will think react negatively toward you because you sell insurance and/or investments. They aren’t reacting negatively because you sell insurance. They aren’t reacting anymore negatively than if you said I sell real estate, or I’m an engineer. They are demonstrating disinterest because you haven’t presented yourself in a way that helps them to clearly recognize the want you fulfill. What would happen if you could communicate to people what you do in terms of the outcomes they want? Do you think they would show interest and perhaps even engage in a conversation with you? Didn’t you when someone told you what they do in terms of what you wanted?

You think selling insurance and/or investments is what you do when you’ve failed at everything else, or when you don’t have any other options. Wow, if that’s what you think you really need to change your mindset. Selling insurance and/or investments is a very challenging business. Only those who are good survive, and only the best of the best thrive. Your success hinges on your recognition that this is an industry for the best and of the best. You should celebrate each small success and realize that with each success you’re setting yourself apart as one of the few who can make it in this business.

You think people won’t trust you because you sell insurance and/or investments. People won’t trust you if you haven’t earned their trust no matter what you sell. There are rotten apples in every barrel, but that doesn’t make you think all apples are rotten. What can you do to earn the trust of those you work with, and those you want to work with? As you look at these and other limiting beliefs you may hold challenge yourself about the validity of the belief, and ask yourself what you could do to change that belief. The self-limiting beliefs you hold in your mind are keeping you from success. It is up to you to identify and conquer them.

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