Leadership is a key to success. There are certain leadership flaws that will cause you to fail. One of these flaws is the inability to organize the details.

You have to effectively organize and master the details for success. There are way too many things you could be doing and way too many things other people want you to do. When you haven’t probably organized and mastered the details it’s far too easy to involve yourself in all these unproductive activities. When you allow yourself to do that you never have time for the things that are really important. The things that are really important are the actions you have to take to succeed.

You must never be too busy to take the right actions. Part of the reason you find it difficult to organize the details is because you haven’t taken the time to identify exactly what you want and how you would get that. You then convert all these “wants” and “hows” into specific actions that you or someone you delegate them to will take.

You truly don’t have time to do all the things you shouldn’t be doing, but that you are. When you develop your plans for success with the specific action related details you’re in a position to make good decisions. You can plan your actions each day based on the most important actions for success that day. As other things come up you decide when and how you will respond based on their alignment with your success plans. It is much easier for you to do the right things because you know what the right things are. When you don’t know what the right things are you continue living on automatic pilot never moving any closer to success.

A good leader easily says “no” when “no” is the right response for success. But you can only know when “no” is the right response if you organize all the details involved in your plan for success. Condense your plan down to one page so you can easily access it when needed and see exactly what’s most important, the critical actions you must take, and your progress toward the accomplishment of those actions.

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