"Dwell in possibility." - Emily Dickenson

To be truely healthy and fit you need more than just exercise. You need more than just eating the right foods. You need more than just to quit smoking, drinking or drugs. Doing just one of those things will help, but unless you add more changes you will only get so far. You could quit drinking but still be obese. You could eat well and exercise but still smoke. Neither of those are healthy. To be truely healthy you must make it a lifestyle change. It’s a change for the better for your lifetime. Sounds huge, I know! But it is something YOU can accomplish. You just have to start small. Switch out one habit and replace it with another. When the new habit is set move on to the next. So how do we create a new habit?

Making a lifestyle change (habit):

First choose a habit you wish to start doing frequently or daily. Next choose a habit similar or opposite you would like to stop doing. For example: You want to start drinking more water and you want to stop drinking sugary drinks and soda pop.

New habit: Drink water
Old habit: Drink sugar drinks

Next you are going to practice the new habit. Make a plan as to how many sugar/other drinks you are going to switch out for the water. For example: I drink sugar drinks 5 times a day. For at least 3 of those drinks i will switch in water. Throughout the day you will make a conscious effort and switch a minimum of three waters in place of sugary drinks. Monitor your progess daily. It takes about 30 days to form a new habit. If you slip up a day or two, it’s ok, just get right back to it.

And finally comes the CELEBRATION!! When you succeed in forming your new habit of drinking water you should celebrate. Get yourself a gift or go for a special treat that doesn’t go against all the hard work you just did.

"Do or do not. There is no try." - Yoda

Now that we can create new habits and change old ones we have the stepping stones to start making lifelong changes in our health. What’s one thing YOU can Do today to start making your health a lifestyle?

You can join your friends, make your family apart of it, take classes or try group coaching to help you get where you want to be!

Start your adventure TODAY!!

Author's Bio: 

Kerri Wood is a personal life and fitness coach. She has written numerous articles and enjoys keeping an active blog (http://www.adventureon.net/blog) and newsletter. She is a native of Western Washington and an outdoor, as well as inner self adventurer. To find out more about her and her business, Adventure On!! Life and Fitness Coaching, go to http://www.adventureon.net or email her at kerri.wood@adventureon.net.