When you use what you go through to grow through, you take the coach approach. I am suggesting that you hire your own counsel. After all, who else knows your dreams, goals, and intentions better than you do? Who else has access to your inner compass?

Yes, you have an inner compass. And it guides you along the river of life. When we pay attention to our emotional responses and our own ‘self’ talk, we are using our inner compass. It’s called living life from the inside out. It’s using our brain for a change. That’s right, use your own mind to create positive changes within you.

Both being aware of how we feel and listening to our self-talk serve a purpose. The inner compass provides us with a powerful feedback mechanism, similar to a navigational system on an airplane. It lets us know whether or not we are on course, how far off course we are, and how much correction we need to make in order to reach our intended destination (and to achieve our goals). Learning to use these tools, we learn the art of coaching our self!

You may have heard the phrase, “It’s not that you got off track that matters, it’s how fast (and gently) that you get back on track.” So, when it comes to your goals and intentions, what is important is not whether you fall down, but what how you handle it when you do. Is your ‘Inner Coach’ doing its job well? Is it helping you get back up again? Or is it beating you up for falling down to begin with?

Is your inner voice helping you to feel inspired and encouraged? After listening to it, do you feel like a winner? Does it emphasize your strong points while gently and lovingly pointing out where you need to do some work? Are you learning anything from it? Train your ‘Inner Coach’ by telling it what you need in order to succeed! You are the foremost authority on yourself.

I’ve begun to dialogue with my ‘Inner Coach’ more often and am getting great results. We do things together too. We took a walk yesterday and we plan to go to the gym later this week. We’re making fast friends and I am achieving intended outcomes in my life. You too, have an ‘Inner Coach’ ready and willing to guide you gently through life. Just imagine, your own personal coach!

If our self-talk was broadcast to the world through a loud speaker, we would ‘get it’. We would be able to hear for ourselves some of the damage we do through our self-talk. Let’s tame our inner critic and form a healthy relationship with our ‘Inner Coach’.

Author's Bio: 

Diana Kennedy is committed to assisting others in transforming their lives from the inside out! She is an inspirational speaker and writer. Diana is the author of Living from Spirit website and E zine. She is the Ministerial Assistant at Unity of Tallahassee where she leads the early service, classes and workshops. Diana is a licensed massage therapist specializing in Relaxation/Deep Tissue massage and energy balancing. Diana also leads TeleClasses on personal growth and spirituality. Sign up for a class on how to learn to be your own ‘Inner Coach’. To register or to contact her, call 850-878-2130, visit www.dianakennedy.com, or email living_from_spirit@yahoo.com. To subscribe to Living from Spirit –A Breath of Inspiration, email Living_from_Spirit-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.