Have you had enough? Enough of being tired stressed and overweight? Have you had enough of squeezing into your clothes? Have you had enough of being embarrassed about your body? Have you had enough failure with your fitness?

Success in a fitness program is frequently achieved only when there has been enough failure. When you have had enough, something inside shifts one day. You have an epiphany. The light bulb goes on. The lightening bolt strikes.

You start to exercise. No, you really exercise this time; you don’t just start.

This time something is different. You have given up your excuses. You have given up your fantasies that you really shouldn’t have to exercise. You have given up kidding yourself. You have give up your resistance. You have stopped trying and started doing.

You exercise. You do all the things you have read about. You increase your activity during the day by taking the stairs and walking at lunch. You pull the exercise equipment out of the closet and go to work. You put the Tae Bo video in and get sore. You play sports on the weekend.

It feels so good. It feels good emotionally, spiritually and physically. You have crossed the wide divide from struggling with your fitness program to commitment and motivation, so it is easy to exercise.

You exercise. You don’t have to expend all that energy arguing with yourself about what you “should?do. You just do it. You carve out the time from your schedule and make exercise a real priority. You don’t waste energy beating yourself up for not exercising. You use that time and energy to exercise. You do it one day at a time.

You have had enough and it feels great!

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