Life would be much simpler if, when faced with a dilemma, we could easily consult with the ideal person or reference book and find the perfect solution. Unfortunately, it's seldom that easy.

There are no books, courses or sages that can make fundamental life decisions for you, choices such as: Should I accept a new position in my company and relocate? ... or Should I marry this person? Ultimately, these vital decisions are in your hands.

While your answers will ultimately be found within you, they may be difficult to access. What follows, then, is a set of guidelines to help you arrive at -- and implement -- successful solutions to the crucial issues in your life.

1. Have faith in your abilities. At any given moment, the choices you see as possible are directly related to what you believe you can achieve. If you lack a strong belief in your own abilities and envision yourself achieving merely limited success, your mind can only access those answers which correspond to this limited vision. So, elevate your concept of what's possible for you -- you'll become aware of far greater opportunities.

2. Be decisive. Most decisions, even important ones, are not life and death matters. Yet, many people get stuck because they try to figure out every variable before making up their minds. It's far better to choose one course and move forward. If your decision doesn't work out, you can make an adjustment or select a different option in the future. (Note: I wouldn't use this approach in choosing a spouse!)

I'm not advocating taking hasty actions without research and planning. But, you can't wait for the "perfect" answer to show itself, with all of the difficulties and challenges worked out beforehand.

3. Make sure you're considering what's best for you. If you base your decisions on what others want you to do, you're headed for a life of frustration. You will never be fulfilled reaching someone else's goal. No one else can know the strengths and talents that lie within you. (In many cases, you're not even aware of them!) So, follow your heart's desires. That's where your power lies -- and where you'll find your most fulfilling solutions.

4. Recognize that answers are often revealed step-by-step. In many ways, your life is like a jigsaw puzzle, with one piece inserted at a time. It is only after you start connecting some pieces that you can see how the others will fit into "the big picture." Frequently, you will receive an answer that will take you only to a certain point. Be content with that. As you implement that portion of the puzzle, you will grow and see the next appropriate action to take.

5. Listen to your intuition. Have you ever had a gut feeling that something wasn't right -- and went ahead with it anyway? How did it turn out? Chances are, you later regretted your decision. Your intuition tried to warn you that something was wrong, and you ignored it. Trust your intuition and follow its guidance -- even if the apparent answer goes against your preconceived notions.

6. Pray and seek spiritual guidance. Many people find that they can access the "right" answers from their connection to a Higher Power. This isn't about pleading for a specific result. Instead, maintain an open mind and ask your Higher Power to guide you in making key decisions.

7. Be willing to implement the answer. Many people know the answer to their problem but are simply not willing to do what it takes to go forward with the solution. For instance, you might have a long-standing employee who is performing poorly. You know that you should fire that person, but you just can't bring yourself to do it.

Recognize that your best answers will often involve challenges, obstacles and, possibly, some emotional distress. That's the price you'll have to pay, but in the long run, you'll be glad you did.

8. Be courageous! Courage is the one trait that will almost guarantee that you access your most powerful answers and implement them successfully. Have the courage to explore the limits of your potential and to act on the answers that emerge. Be willing to fail along the way. As you demonstrate your courage, life will reward you with more and more fantastic answers and opportunities.
Your life is a journey to discover and develop your unique strengths. Go forward with courage, high expectations, persistence, and a drive to be true to yourself. Then, you'll find all the answers you need.

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Jeff Keller is a motivational speaker and author of the best-selling book, Attitude is Everything. He has also produced the popular audio program, Success from Soup to Nuts. For more information and to sign up for Jeff's free monthly e-mail newsletter, go to