We recently recruited a senior salesperson for a top company in the construction industry. Needless to say, there was a lot of interest in the role and it carried a great salary and fantastic benefits package.

Eventually two outstanding candidates were short-listed, however it was proving difficult to separate between the two. After a final series of interviews the Sales Manager decided on the person he wanted and I was interested to find out why.

One of the candidates had brought along a hard copy breakdown of all sales in his previous roles. In other words, during the interview he was better able to demonstrate his track record. He showed a month-by-month break down of his sales and how they had grown over time.

Selling is a results business and successful salespeople use their results in sales to advance their career. The better able you are to prove this to potential employers, the more chance you will have of securing any sales role. It also affords you an opportunity to not just talk about your track record but to present your track record in a professional and impressive way. Having your results at hand can also assist when answering potentially difficult questions during the interview.

Remember, sales CVs are sometimes treated with suspicion by employers so keeping a hard copy of your sales and track record is a great idea to help you prove to potential employers how good you really are.

Author's Bio: 

Niall Devitt is a training consultant, business mentor and facilitator with Beyond the Boardroom (website www.btbtraining.com) With over a decade of experience working as senior sales manager and trainer for some of Irelands top companies his expertise lies in creating and implementing performance driven sales programmes. Niall is regularly asked to contribute business articles and his advice has been published through the National Press and broadcast on Radio. Read more articles like this at www.btbtraining.com/blog