Use A Blank White Card to Push Your Eyes Down the Page

A common problem all readers have is passive regression, or unintentionally going back over material previously read.

The habit typically stems from a reader's insecurity about their comprehension level initially instilled by our well-meaning reading teachers. Regression can be beneficial though if it is done actively with a purpose in mind, such as going back to check an unfamiliar word.

Try this: To reduce passive regression and to help you read faster, place a blank 3 x 5 white card ON TOP of the words covering the text you already read, leaving exposed the words yet to read.

Use the narrow side of the card for narrow columns and the wider side of the card for wider columns. If the column width is very wide, then tape two cards together. This will force you to push your eyes down the page and help you resist the urge to re-read unnecessarily.

Focusing only on the words you are reading enhances your concentration, helps you keep your place and facilitates forward eye movements.

(Important Note: Placing the card under the line of text you are reading is great for beginning readers and those who are learning how to decode words but not useful for experienced readers!)

Added Tip - Use the white card as a bookmark!

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