These are interesting times. The world is changing rapidly nowadays, or at least we are learning about the changes much faster than previous generations. The main difference between those generations and ours is our familiarity with new technology. We read faster; we learn earlier; we communicate more quickly; transportation is faster; and we even push papers faster. All of this speed and quick change has caused our lives to speed up because we don’t have much downtime anymore. Nothing is constant except for change and the things that we try to keep constant through sheer force. The problem with trying to keep things constant through sheer force, however, is that we can’t do it and only get frustrated as they change for the worse in many instances.

The nature of the universe is change. It is either change through atrophy, or change through growth. This concept can even be somewhat deceptive: In reality atrophy can bring about growth and growth, in an artificially maintained system that is afraid of change, can be atrophy. If we hold onto old traditions forcefully, we stifle the natural changes that would occur in a system in order to improve it and make it meaningful for the present. The important thing, therefore, is to realize that change is coming and to constantly prepare for it. We can do this by simply improving the quality of our institutions, our communities, and most of all ourselves.

Every in-group has developed great rules of governance for themselves. These rules usually just empower and support the inner-group. All of the rest have to work to get into the inner-group to get the full benefits of these rules, so there is a constant struggle for the constituency to get into that inner-group so their lives will be fair and just. At the same time there is a struggle in the inner-group to parcel out the same benefits they have to those on the outer edge who will dedicate as much time and energy to supporting the whole group, instead of only themselves. While all of this is happening, of course, the system is not carrying out its desired mission. It’s too busy with internal conflict, or negotiation, or dreaming about the good old days, or envisioning how great it will be in the future when these rules of governance are adopted by everyone. If we are to survive In truth the present is the only real, concrete moment. The irony is that it cannot be categorized and it cannot be measured, because it is always gone to fast in linear time to do so. In ego time, since the ego is entrenched in dualistic thinking, now never exists. It is time, however, to overcome our dualistic thinking and to begin to live in a state of being, instead of doing, and formulating.

To the ego the past is always there. People who live in the ego use it. They constantly draw lessons from the past and then project them to the future in order to know how to live better lives. They are often working to fight against a decision that they made in the past they thought of as bad, or using the same good decision making methods and tactics they used in the past and applying it to the present. They are projecting past experiences and fantasies onto the future, constantly living in artificial rapture or artificial misery that doesn’t even exist yet. The past doesn’t exist as they remember it. It is only a trace memory full of subjectivity stored in their minds. The future doesn’t exist; it is a guess—a fantasy based on subjective occurrences from the past. In order to live fully one must put aside the dualism and the ego and experience the present by living in the now.

One can do this by living out one’s values from moment to moment. One works to do the best that one can and to live the best life that she can now, moment to moment, not by looking for the benefits that will come in the future, or by looking for comfort from the past, but by looking to the now and living fully in the now. As Kalidassa said, “Today well lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope.” If we want to become the greater self, or create the better society it is necessary for us to let those from around the edges in now. Now is the only moment. It is time for us, moment by moment and day by day to become real leaders who are constantly improving the quality of life for everyone in our society, community, and institution by being that which we want to be in the future.

We apply the same rules of engagement to everyone as we apply to our own inner-group moment by moment and day by day. When we do this the society grows into a group of healthy individuals. This is something that is not difficult if we can just let go of the fear of change. Living in the now does that automatically, because there is no change in the now. When we live in the now we realize that most of the sorrow, pain, and fear of loss that accompanies change only exists in our minds. We can be free of the fears and the suffering from past experiences, and the projection of a horrible future, just by living in the now.

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Om Prakash John W. Gilmore, D. Min., is a writer, a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist and Body-worker, a teacher of Tai-Chi, Chi-Gong, and Jun Bao Kenpo. He is a Reiki Master Teacher and an ordained minister. Dr. Gilmore received his D. Min. degree in Work and Spirituality. His dissertation was on understanding the roots of linked oppression and learning to heal from its effects. He is presently the Pastor of an on-line progressive cyber service called: the Universal Circle of Creation Spirituality, based on Creation Spirituality, Deep Ecumenism, and the path of the mystic. For more articles like this please explore our website at There you will find a link to our cyber school with free courses and our Cyber religious service.