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Dr. Bess S. Permut
Focus columnist

We cannot live others’ lives nor take on their problems....We must have sympathy for all of mankind in times of distress. However, there is a demarcation point between sympathy and assuming the burden of another’s troubles. However, if by helping or assuming another’s troubles you are helping your friend escape from his responsibilities, you thereby include his troubles into your own life, thus excluding him from fulfilling his destiny and learning his lessons. What is gained by this? What does your friend gain? Nothing! You lose much of the energy you should be using in a positive manner to help others who are truly in need of your help. You then take from your friend his ability to solve his own troubles or problems. You are asking the Creator to mask His face from your friend.
What does this mean? We only learn through doing, through living. Each man has his own signal; each has his own role to perform, his own lessons to learn during this time on earth. When you lose or use up the energy that was originally generated for your use, who then will help you face the problems you yet have to conquer in your lifetime? A supply of energy is always available to those who need to regenerate their own energy if they have used their energy wisely and aided others correctly by helping them think so that they can work our their own problems. Equal time to equal energy. In other words, if you use up your energy displaying emotion and temperament, using it unwisely, how then can you recoup that lost energy? Who, then, are you helping? No one.
That is the message of truth we are aiming to get across. Access to that energy supply is readily available to all of mankind equally. Why isn’t it distributed equally? Because somewhere along the line, we have wasted the original supply, either in some other lifetime or by not using our energy wisely in order to manifest or finish our destiny in the time allotted. How then can we equate this thought with gathering energy already used and that which remains above us, but still available? That is the point in question.
We must gather energy positively by helping to solve our own troubles, while giving others communications of truth and guidance – thus instructing them how to go about solving their own troubles, but not doing it for them. Allow them time to use the energy and the advice you have given to them. If it is not disbursed or used correctly – as it was meant to be used – then they have not heeded your advice and must accept the consequences themselves. Once the teacher gives the lesson, it is no longer his karma or responsibility if the student does not learn or heed the lesson.
Parents often advise their children from their own past experiences, only to find it all a waste of energy. Painful as it may be, you cannot, according to the original teachings of truth, use your past experiences or add your energy to solving their problems. You can only be assured of rapid growth by solving your own problems and allowing others to solve theirs. In other words, if we allow others to dispose of or solve their own problems after we once advise them, and we solve our own problems, we both grow, learn, and add more knowledge toward the purpose of our lives.
Our karma belongs to us. Their karma belongs to them. When we once truly learn this bit of knowledge, it then becomes wisdom.

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Dr. Bess S. Permut, is a graduate student of psychology and philosophy, has taught life's truth’s for over 60 years and is the author of two books (soon to be three) on these subjects. She also has audio programs and a special Bonus Program at an 80% discount.
This is a quote from Dr. Permut that explains why this information is so powerful and how it came to be. Quote...."Since that fateful day at Pearl Harbor when I heard 'The Voice' I have been convinced that life has purpose and that mine had been delineated for me that very day and the wisdom that is this teaching flowed forth.
Since that day I have never stopped writing and the instruction I have received and continue to receive was and is to help all of humankind to live a successful life." The wisdom in this teaching was never meant for me alone but instead is meant for all humankind to use as a guide for success in every facet of their life!"
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