Ka Huna massage therapy is also known as kahuna massage therapy, huna massage therapy, ka huna bodywork, Lomi Lomi, Lomi, Heartworks Lomi Lomi, Lomi Lomi Kuplel, Romi Romi, Hawaiian massage, Hawaiian bodywork, Hawaiian masage therapy, Hawaiian temple style, Polynesian massage therapy, temple of your soul bodywork. The Ka Huna massage therapy training at the Academy of Therapeutic Arts calls this massage therapy 'Ka Huna massage foundation level' and 'Ka Huna massage therapy advanced level'.

The word Lomi Lomi translates to mean ‘to knead’, 'to squeeze’ and ‘to make soft’.

Born in the Islands of the South Pacific, Ka Huna massage therapy flourished for thousands of years as a system of personal development, healing and spiritual discipline. This unique massage therapy was deemed to be illegal in 1820 after the missionaries arrived in Hawaii. Much of the practices and teaching of the Kahuna healers actually remained that way up until the late 1980’s. Due to Ka Huna massage being deemed illegal throughout Hawaii over that period of time, the Hawaiian people became accustomed to keeping the practice underground. However, happily over the last 50 years there has been a renewed interest from around the world in the Ka Huna healing, unearthing the richness of its teachings and the beauty of its practices.

There are numerous meanings for the word Ka Huna within the Hawaiian language. The word Ka Huna can be broken down into two other words the first being “Ka” meaning “the light” and “Huna” meaning “secrets”. This doesn’t mean secrets as in keeping secrets; it means the knowledge and wisdom that is beyond what we can see in our everyday lives. Another meaning of the word Kahuna refers to definite groups of people who were experts in all matters pertaining to life and spirituality in the pre-missionary days (please note the difference in spelling, when talking about people it is spelt Kahuna and when talking about philosophy it is spelt Ka Huna). These experts specialized in certain occupations or practices designed according to their individual arts. These ranged from expert builders, medical physicians, massage therapists, etc, etc.

Just as there are numerous meanings to the word Ka Huna, there are also numerous styles of massage throughout the Polynesian Islands. As traditionally the massage has been handed down through families for generations, what you will find is that each area of the Islands has developed its own particular style of the massage. Much the same as there are many different accents to the English language. So everywhere you go it’s a little different in its application although the understanding behind it is very similar.

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Andrew Barnes teaches many styles of massage including Balinese massage, Ka Huna massage, Hot Stone massage, Lomi Lomi massage, Lymph Drainage massage, Pregnancy massage, Remedial massage, Thai massage, Trigger Point Therapy and healing principles both within Australia and internationally. Andrew Barnes is the Founder and Director of the Academy of Therapeutic Arts that is based in Brisbane.