My hearing (or lack of it according to some people) has become highly sensitive to the expression that begins with, “I’m just….”
Maybe it comes from years of personal experience, but I try to be so careful about what I say about myself – either to myself or to the general public. I leave all the sarcastic slings to a few close friends. They need and want the practice.
Most people don’t say the words, “I’m just” and follow it with…fabulous, so excited about my job (or future), so mindful of my own goodness, a healthy person with so much energy or phrases like, “I am just so grateful to be able to get up each day and explore new options.”
No, nowadays it just seems to come in the form of “I’m just not getting anyplace with this job,” “I’m just never going to move ahead with my life,” and my personal least favorite one, “I’m just not good enough to matter.”
What I find unbelievable is hearing negative, self defeating putdowns coming from intelligent, clever and creative people. People who have so much potential – just ask them when they are not beating up on themselves and are focused on their goals. But the CD they play in their minds comes from years of self doubt along with the biting and hurtful words from some lovely individuals (who are probably dealing with a basketful of self sabotaging DVDs themselves) who helped reinforce all that personality pollution that whirls around a perfectly fine brain.
We can change the way we view ourselves by changing the channel in our head. It won’t happen overnight, but become aware of your self defeating slogans. Make 2008 the year of the Positive Affirmations. Make your platform one that is filled with uplifting and optimistic statements (just steer clear of the nightly news or you campaign may end up self imploding).
Stop yourself when the words, “I’m just” start to form on your lips. Rethink and rework that statement before uttering it.
Try to look at it this way – when we were kids, we couldn’t say certain words or else we would suffer some nasty consequences. Start to think of “I’m just” as a phrase that could cause your dear great grandmother Tillie to faint dead away. Or even better, utter those words and have a “time out corner” dedicated in your name. Let “I’m just” start to taste like Irish Spring on your tongue. I can still taste it, but that’s a whole different newsletter. Mmmmm….good.
One way to strike it rich before “I’m just” leaves your repertoire is to keep a jar handy and every time you say that dastardly expression, throw in a dollar. You just might jet off to Europe for a month’s vacation, all expenses paid, or you just might end up with moths flying around the jar.

As philosopher Earl Nightingale states, “You become what you think about!”

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