The other day as I was driving home on the freeway at the warp speed of 35 miles an hour, in traffic and I heard myself saying “Justice” statements. “I will get to that when I just…” “If I can just get…” or “If I could just get 15 minutes”.

I then saw a law firm’s billboard add with the word “Justice” in 4 foot large letters and realized what I was doing to myself. So I said to myself, “You know better than to suck yourself into this negative spiraling trap”.

You see what I was doing was saying these limiting “JustIce” statements to myself; “If I could just get past his truck” or “If I could just get the money to cover …” If I could just get 15 minutes to slow down”.

At that moment I realized what I was doing. If you break this word apart, you have Just and Ice. When we get into a pattern as I was in, of limiting ourselves to statements such as ”If I can just …” or “when I just..”. We are putting ourselves on ICE. We are freezing our capabilities to move or progress forward.
Freezing limits our potential, our outcomes and our attitudes.

What if we “Just” wanted to see green leaves on an oak tree? You can see green leaves on an oak tree when the “tree” is about 2 inches tall. But how much shade will you get from a two inch tall tree? At two inches what type of shade will that tree provide on a 95 degree July summer day? What if we limited ourselves to just walking when we were babies with a statement of “If I could just walk”? Would we ever be able to run a record time in a race or “run” in a marathon? Why are we limiting our abilities with these types of statements?

This current economic state of the country doesn’t help, the news doesn’t help, nor do the bill collectors. “well you can Just send in the minimum payment.” Does that really help reduce the debt that is owed or just prolong the debt?

We need to realize that we need to keep moving. Don’t get stuck on the ICE in life and freeze. Because when things freeze, they usually die.

So how do I change this pattern? One way I change my direction is everyday I write this statement in my planner “Just Do-It” yet I found myself spiraling down a path of what I call “JustIce“.

Just Do-It signifies that you need to do something to keep moving forward. There is no other path but action. If your sales are down, educate yourself, build your value, verify the benefits you offer and what value your clients/customers need. Do they match? Call your customers on the phone and ask them, “How can I help you?” Build products or information to build your business, education or better your scenario. Movement will keep us from focusing on freezing in life. When you remain stagnant, you will freeze and die.

I don’t know about you, but I prefer to be on the green side of the grass, helping people to realize a positive perspective in life. And sometimes, a lot of times, I may need help moving and staying positive.

Don’t get caught on the ICE, move forward and help each other.

To help clarify this idea, I have a quote from Dr. Seuss that really clarifies this concept.

You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes.
You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. You’re
on your own. And you know what you know. You are the guy/gal
who’ll decide where to go.

Author's Bio: 

Bob Brumm is a Professional Speaker, Author & Encouragement Engineer serving corporate, charitable, collegiate, sales and youth organizations with encouraging presentations on the value of customer care, new technology integration, the power of knowledge, money saving strategies and personal marketing. Bob is a top selling author of “Do You Have Money To Burn?” and his strategies have taught hundreds of people how to save over $500 a month.

Bob has been a guest on nationally recognized shows such as Mornings with Lorri & Larry on Family Net radio, WILX News in Lansing Michigan, Success Made Simple in Tampa Florida,, and quoted in publications such as ComputerWorld and regarding his encouraging money saving and customer building strategies. With his diverse background in Accounting, IT/Telecommunications and as a husband and father of three boys, Bob can relate to many audiences and has presented positive, encouraging messages for many organizations. As a direct result, Bob has been recognized for encouraging work efforts that have led to both time and money savings for many groups.

Bob has had the opportunity to share his skill, knowledge and energetic perspective about the value of customer care, new technology integration, the power of knowledge, money saving strategies and personal marketing with many organizations such as: Frost & Sullivan, First Energy, IMCCA, INTEROP, International Nortel Networks Meridian Users Group conference (INNMUG), The Institute of Internal Auditors, Rehabilicare, MetLife, The University of Tampa, The Tampa Tribune, Tampa Electric, TECO Energy, Tandberg, Pinellas County Schools,, Price Waterhouse Coopers.

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