Depression Doesn’t Care

I often think of the things I say in my books. I have to use the ideas myselfwhen I get sick. It’s not as though I have become super human in managing thisillness. (I wish.) One thing I often write about is how depression could careless about the reality of your life. You may have loving friends, a lovingfamily, a great partner, kids you adore, a job you find fascinating and all ofthe money in the world – and yet depression will still make you feel that youhave nothing. It will tell you that you have nothing and then it will make youact as if you have nothing. Nothing tastes good, feels good or will ever be goodagain.

When this happens to me, I have a few things I say to myself:

- It’s an illness Julie. You know these thoughts are not real. Focus on what isreal. You have people who love you. Call them and see them. You do enjoy writing,so get out your computer and write. You have two legs, go walk. Stop listening towhat your brain is saying. Do what you need to do. You will be okay Julie. Italways ends. It will be okay.

I actually talk to myself like a military sergeant when I get depressed. Sometimes I talk to myself like a loving mother. I do what is needed. If I’mdepressed in the morning, I always have the goal of being better at night. Ittakes work, but it’s better than sitting and watching DVDs all day. The HealthCards remind me what to do which helps. My mother often gets them out and doeswhat the third column tells her will work. When I get sick, I tell people. Theyknow how to help me because I've taught them what works.

I just sat down and wrote this (because writing makes me feel better and the actof getting things done helps me feel better) and now I am going for a walk –depression doesn’t want me to take a walk, but I do.

Are you depressed today? What do you need to do to end the depression?

Julie A. Fast, along with Dr. John Preston is the author of the bestselling book, Loving Someone with Bipolar Disorder: Understanding and Helping Your Partner. For more information on Julie’s treatment plan to prevent bipolar disorder mood swings, please visit her website

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Julie Fast is a best selling author and a leading voice for people with bipolar disorder and depression. Her comprehensive treatment plans and down to earth first hand experience have helped thousands of people on and off medications find new ways to successfully manage the illnesses. She is a sought after speaker and expert guest who hosts two online web sites for people with mood disorders at and Her work has helped and people all over the world.
Her books include:
-Loving Someone with Bipolar Disorder: Understanding and Helping Your Partner (New Harbinger, 2004)
-Take Charge of Bipolar Disorder (Time/Warner, 2006)Website only books:
-Bipolar Happens!
-The Health Cards for Bipolar Disorder
-Tips for Talking with Health Care Professionals Julie is also a columnist and regular contributor to BP Magazine.