Juicers are coming to the rescue of parents exhausted by daily broccoli battles and other vexing vegetable skirmishes. With a vegetable juicer such as a Breville Juicer in the kitchen, crunching through countless carrots becomes an object of lesser importance. Into its place steps a ravenous juicer primed for a fresh food feeding frenzy, spewing colorful, rich juice. These cocktails are packed with all the micro-nutrients a growing young body needs.

The growing juicing trend has numerous benefits for health-conscious families. Incorporating this trend into a healthy diet and nutrition program, truly is the easiest way to ensure that every family member gets his or her daily share of fresh produce. The kids will not even realize that, in the process, a number of unmentionable, green goodies have been added by sneaky moms and dads...

Growing Young Bodies Benefit From The Bounty Of A Breville Juicer

However, a health juicer adds another dimension to healthy nutrition. When fresh vegetables are devoured by a juicer such as the Jack Lalanne Juicer or the Breville Juicer, it is transformed into pre-digested food so to speak.

Utilizing a vegetable juicer for juicing a multitude of fresh produce, releases all the highly beneficial nutrients from their hiding places in the otherwise inaccessible fibrous cells of fresh produce. When downing a delicious glass of cold juice from a juice extractor, the body assimilates these life-giving nutrients almost without effort. The absorption rate of vitamins, minerals and enzymes can increase by up to an astounding 90%.

You are in a sense giving your body intravenous feeding, without the 'ouch' of a needle stick! Some parents may be concerned about the fibre lost in the juicing process. This is easy to address by adding other roughage to the diet, or even by incorporating the pulp from the juicer into the luscious recipes detailed in juicing books such as 'The Juicing Bible' (See the Book Buzz section at Best-Juicing.com).

Fresh Food Feasts Become Family Time With A Breville Juicer In The Kitchen

Kids love the colorful juices spouting from a juicer. In fact, juicing can become quite an entertaining family activity. Create a competition with prizes for the most varied and creative concoction. Get the kids to come up with descriptive names for the cocktails. Just be prepared for some disgusting naming creations, such as 'Viper Blood'! Their jungle juice will become part of their daily routine, reassuring you that they ingest what their bodies need in a form that ensures greatly enhanced absorption.

Overweight kids may also benefit from using a juicer. Vegetable juice acts as a natural, harmless appetite suppressant. If a child needs to cut down on food portions, try to give the juice before a main meal. It is a filling drink and will reduce hunger. Fresh juice from a juicer also is a highly effective craving curber and satisfies a sweet tooth every time. All these benefits come at a low calorie cost, with no added fat.

Teenage girls who often struggle with water retention, can also benefit from delicious drinks make by juicing raw foods such as celery, cucumber, and parsley. Try this recipe:

Trim And Slim Treat

5 carrots

1 apple

1/2 cucumber

1/2 beet

1 rib celery

Few sprigs parsley

Run these through your juicer in any sequence. Some kids may enjoy it if you add a touch of fresh ginger for a bit of bite.

Before giving juice from a juicer to very young kids, discuss the idea with your health practitioner. Some veggies can be somewhat potent when juiced, and may need to be limited.

So, come one, parents. Turn the dinner table battle zone into a Breville zone and feed your kids the necessary fresh goodies via a vegetable juicer.

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