Journey to Your Higher Self

Last Saturday I took an early evening run in the beautiful New Mexican dusk. While running I did a process to connect with my Higher Self. As I felt myself being lifted up into the arms of my Higher Self I noticed the beautiful colors of the evening sky becoming more vibrant. The dusty smell of early evening became more intense. At 7,000 feet, the Santa Fe high desert has a huge sky that seems endless. I slowly turned my head to the right and the left looking at the lightening lighting up the clouds on several horizons. On summer nights it is not uncommon to see silent lightening in all directions – silent because the storms are so far away in the distance. As I rose and felt my Higher Self simultaneously descend, my body went on auto-pilot placing my feet down one after the other at a comfortable place. The energy in the air was intensely palatable. Each physical step my body took was accompanied by energetic steps given to me by my Higher Self. I was being given guidance through which the bigger Intent and Purpose of my present lifetime flowed.

Every human has a deep longing for something more in their life. Like a baby searching for the life-giving nipple, this urge moves to be fulfilled. Connecting to one’s Higher Self brings this fulfillment. When you connect to your Higher Self, you become aware that your life has deep meaning and purpose. As you begin to fulfill this purpose you are welcomed with a sense of fulfillment like never before.

Your Higher Self contains the blueprint for your life. The blueprint contains your Purpose for coming into body. It also contains all of the tools you need to fulfill this Purpose. Some of these tools are:

• Inner guidance – the answer to your questions are waiting deep within where your Higher Self resides within you.

Empowerment – connecting with your Higher Self empowers the personality self in its authenticity. Ego crumbles in the light of the Higher Self

• Co-creation – when you connect to the Higher Self, remove the blocks to your Higher Self, and align to your Higher Self, your Higher Self is able to shine through and co-create your outer world.

• Love – At its essence your Higher Self is love. Connecting with the Higher Self enables Divine Love to resonate within the personality self. As Divine Love flows transforms your inner world, your outer world reflects it creating a love filled life.

At the level of the Higher Self, there is no separatism. All and everyone are interconnected much like a drop of color in a bucket full of white paint. The color blends with the white paint becoming one with it. As you and I connect with our Higher Selves, all are able to connect with their Higher Selves. I have been given so much from my Higher Self and Unseen Friends. Now is the time to bring this knowledge forward.

Love and Light,


Author's Bio: 

Kristopher is a Toltec Master or nagual, presently living in Santa Fe, New Mexico. When he is not practicing controlled folly in the business world, he is teaching students as a co-owner of the Toltec Mystery School, writing and exploring new worlds.