Every day we hear a lot about nutrition, dieting and healthy living, and see pictures of lucky people who have managed to loose a dozen pounds and now smile to us from the cover of a glossy magazine. However, the question is how do you eat your favorite food and not gain extra pounds?

Adhere to the following tips and you will have an admirable waistline.

First of all, use small plates. You cannot put much food on a small plate so you will not overeat.

Secondly, make pauses between bites. Your brain needs some time to realize that you are full.

Thirdly, it all comes down to will power. Do not allow yourself to overeat. No matter how strong your desire to get one more serving may be, do your best to overcome the temptation. You will be glad you did!

Fourthly, keep moving! Use every opportunity to walk. If your workplace is not far from your house, do not take a bus or get off the bus one stop earlier and walk the rest of your way. Enjoy dancing to your favorite song. This will cheer you up and keep you fit. Do some housework. Even when you tidy up your room, wash your car or work in the garden, you burn calories.

Fifthly, set small goals. Do not try to lose a dozen pounds in one week; be realistic. You did not gain all the extra weight in one week, so it is impossible to lose it so quickly. Aim to lose one-two pounds a week. Start a diary and track your progress. Each time you reach your small goal, you will be motivated. Do not forget to award yourself (just do not use food for this). After all, Rome was not built in one day.

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