I have just returned back from speaking at a conference in London. Now it has been a little while since I had travelled so far, and when I got there as well as when I returned here to Australia I suffered with jet lag real bad. Today has been a bit hard I am not feeling overly unreal as the jetlag has really hit me hard.
My whole body seems to be out of whack and I don’t really know right now which way is up and which way is down, which is exactly what jet lag does to you.
Jet lag is caused by the disruption of your body clock. Your body clock is there to distinguish the normal rhythms of day and night as well as when you would normally eat. When that is thrown out of whack, it can cause you to suffer and slow you down. Some of the side effects to jet lag are: fatigue and disorientation, interrupted sleep, confusion and fuzziness, being uptight, lack of sleep, loss of motivation, as well as overall health problems as well as slowing you right down.

So what am I telling you about this you may ask?
Well sometimes when we are going through life, you may experience a little bit of jet lag in your personal life. You may have made a huge journey from one part of your life to another part of your life, and whilst you were hoping that the new experiences that you have been working towards would feel fantastic, you may be feeling a bit of personal jetlag instead due to the normal rhythm of your life being out of step. This in turn may cause you to slow right down in your personal journey.
Personal jet lag is caused by not taking care of yourself along the way. Whilst it is great that you have made an effort to excel yourself, you also need to understand that you need to ensure that you have prepared yourself for every part of the journey as well.
Too many people assume that by working towards something better than they have right now in their life will mean that they will be a lot happier if and when they achieve that desire. The problem with that is that with everything there will be a cost.
You may experience a bit of personal fatigue, or you may be a bit confused along the way. You might also be a bit up tight if things don’t go exactly how you had planned.
That is why you really need to look after yourself along the way to ensure you hit the ground running at every new point in your journey.

The best way to try to overcome jetlag is to address some of the potential issues that will add to the jetlag experience. Areas such as stress and being tired make the probability of jetlag even greater. The same goes with regards to your personal life. If you are stressed and tired all the time, it is no wonder that you may feel personally jetlagged all the time purely because you are failing to take good care of yourself.
That is why you need to take time out every now and then to recharge you batteries to ensure that you don’t run out of steam.
Rest is a wonderful way to recharge those batteries. Whilst you may think that you will be losing valuable time taking time away from your efforts, just think of how disappointed you will be with yourself if you just run out of energy to continue on at all.
The last thing that you need to is lose motivation for what you are trying to achieve so make sure that you really look after yourself and take a bit of time out when and if you experience a bit of personal jetlag along the way. It isn’t the first person that reaches their goals that wins; it is just about reaching your goal that is important.

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