How can you tell if you’re in a summer season?
1. You have lots of energy to tackle projects.
2. You enjoy life and see the positive in everything.
3. You have higher self-confidence.
4. There is more balance in your life.
5. You no longer allow the stress to get to you.

Sometimes you miss your summer moments because:

1. Your daily schedule is packed with too much activity.
2. Excessive worry about issues.
3. No life balance.
4. Little or no recognition or unaware of own needs.
5. Performance driven about every aspect of life.

Look over the reasons why you miss summer moments. Indicate the ones that are most prevalent in your life and develop one action step you will take to eliminate that reason.


Change is inevitable. Some people will remain miserable just to avoid change. But if you’re ready, the autumn season brings much needed lessons to learn.

How to tell if you are in an autumn season:
1. You are in the midst of a life transition.
2. You’re restless (physically, mentally, and spiritually).
3. You are looking for changes.
4. You are ‘shedding’ your old self.
5. You are starting a new venture.
6. You are taking action to make changes happen.

If you find yourself in the midst of change, what is helping you navigate through it? What is your compass? Consider asking yourself the following questions:
1. Am I open to this change? (If not, you will most likely view this situation through more of a ‘negative lens.’)
2. Will I view it as a learning experience or an unappreciated life interruption?


What do you think or do when a life ‘storm’ with zero visibility hits you? Were you able to see the storm coming, or did it come out of nowhere? Often times, a winter season will take you by surprise because your life might have been too busy to notice. You assume life is okay and can resent when an interruption occurs.

How to tell if you’re in a winter season:
1. You have a negative view of self, others, or a particular situation.
2. Your bitterness/anger toward God continues to grow.
3. You see no hope for your situation to get better.

Here are some actual problem solving skills you will need to dig yourself out of a ‘snow bank’ in your winter season.
Ask yourself:
A. How did I get here?
B. What is my responsibility for getting stuck?
C. What ideas do I have to contribute to solve this? Can I ask for others input?
D. What are my best options?
E. What is my first step to resolving this issue?
F. What action steps am I willing to take after my first step?


Are you still defrosting from a particularly difficult winter season in life, and might find it difficult, at first, to enjoy and trust your new spring season? You are in good company!

How to tell if you are in a spring season:
1. You have a new, positive outlook about a previous winter season and/or life in general.
2. You approach people and situations with a more proactive mindset.
3. You see loved ones with a fresh, new perspective.
4. You have more physical, emotional, and spiritual energy.
5. You have more self-confidence.
6. You think, “I can conquer anything!”

Have you felt that a ‘cloud’ has been lifted and is allowing you to see your life with a new perspective? Do you approach this new perspective with fear or do you embrace it?

Consider these questions to ‘see’ or develop spring moments in your life:
1. What person or situation has been draining me for a while?
2. What have I done in the past to make this better?
3. What is still keeping me in the ‘winter’ mentality rather than seeing the spring season?
4. What action(s) am I willing to take to see this differently?

Growing is a part of living. Enjoy the growth spurts through each season of your life!

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