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Manifesting Set Dates for Goals
(by Susan James)
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As we begin to teach ourselves how to mold and use the
energy in front of our face on purpose for the design of our
lives, quite often comes the question: What about setting dates
for end result desires or intentions?

That's a mixed bag containing several variables.
Example: If something is already a fixed date: for instance a
Madonna Concert. Madonna and her own energy and machine
around her put forth deliberate energy when she decided to do
a summer tour. Places and venues and folks around the world
connected into the dates set. I as an individual, did not have to
do the energy work on that end.

I did have to do some energy work on my end to have as an
end result going to the concert in a particular month. And I
did it without ordering the tickets myself or trying to get into
Ticketron. I just wrote down very clearly what I wanted, and
paid attention to what showed up.

If however, we are setting a date around a lifestyle change, or
we want to change jobs and have a new job, or have a certain
amount of income, or sell a certain amount of widgets by a
certain date, this is when it gets a tad tricky.

If we are under pressure to meet a deadline, even a self
imposed one, then all of our creative energy goes into thinking
of the date, and how we will pull things off by a certain date.
We lose our focus and miss opportunities of what would have
helped us to that end date, and we end up constricting the
flow out of holding on to a date. Therefore, no ease in flow
and a good chance we won't meet our goal by the date we set.

We are trying to do both pieces of the work, with less than
impeccable energy to do it with. We are pushing for the date
to be satisfied and we are wanting whatever to show up to
help that date materialize for us.

So we miss hitting the date, because that is what we were
focused on, and no real creative energy went into what would
bring that date fulfilled. On top of that, if we had some
pressure around that date, that shows up as a lower energy
format due to worry. We become concerned over not hitting
the intended date, again closing us off to flow & momentum
to bringing us what we choose by such and such a date.

What about bills that need paid and maybe we don't have the
money? Those are important dates that are already set. We
see them in our invoices. We have to have the money by a
certain date.

This is quite often where we begin to teach ourselves & see in
evidence how this *user friendly physics * stuff works.

The date has already been set on one end of the equation. It's
a known, just like the Madonna concert dates, which were
almost impossible to acquire. If we begin to add *worry &
concern* over not having the money for our bills, or not
getting the tickets on time and by a certain date, then where is
our focus? It's on the date, or not and not having the money,
and what that may mean. It sends us into a downward spiral.

I know these things. And why do I know? I've been there and
now I've taught myself not to *be in that place* anymore.

You and I have control. We simply make a choice to take that
control and use it. How? We begin to teach ourselves the
mechanics of how the Universe runs, and we use it on
purpose. (end/sj)

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Author/©Maverick Momentum Consultant, Susan James,Writes & Teaches the Application of ©User Friendly Physicsto Human Potential.

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