"What I do is prepare myself until I know I can do what I have to do."
Joe Namath

How prepared are you for that big break you are anxiously waiting for?
How prepared are you to begin the journey to achieve your dream?
What opportunities have you missed because you were not prepared?
Have your job interviews been unsuccessful because you were not
adequately prepared?

If you want to be successful, you have to spend some time educating yourself,
researching and understanding the relevant area that you are looking to pursue.
For instance, if you want to start a business, you must commit to and
invest your time and resources in finding out about what it would take to
run a business in every sense of the word!

This is a very competitive society and if you have to get an edge over the
others, you must have something more than just a rough idea of the area
you want to pursue.

If you are suddenly called upon and asked to provide a service in an area
of your expertise, you must in deed and not in theory be able to provide
answers and solutions in a confident, professional and excellent fashion.

If you have to perform a task, which you claim you are qualified to do,
you have to prepare to deliver the required results. When you are prepared
for your big break, you will always confidently rise to the occasion!

"The more you prepare, the luckier you appear"
Terry Josephson

As you wait for your opportunity, prepare, prepare, prepare!
Begin to lay the groundwork, commit yourself to your success,
constantly refresh your memory and research the latest developments
in your field of interest. Saturate yourself with knowledge about your
product or service so that when opportunity knocks on your door,
you will recognize it.

Most people miss opportunities because they are not prepared for it.
Even if they recognize it, they cannot respond to it or answer the call.

"One of life’s painful moments comes when we must admit that we didn’t do
our homework, that we were not prepared."
Merlin Olsen

"Preparation gives you a greater level of confidence, eliminates hesitation and
gives you an upper hand in competition.
Therefore, 'Be prepared.'"
Baden Powell

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Caroline is a life coach, women's coach, writer and motivator. She empowers women to discover who they are, explore what they can be and to take action to achieve their goals. She can be contacted for a free coaching session: Caroline@motivationzone.com, www.motivationzone.com.