Spring inspires creativity and thinking outside the box. For gardeners, Mother’s Day heralds the planting season symbolizing the cycle of life and new possibilities. It is a bittersweet time as some things have died in the garden; similarly some people have died in our lives. But even at the very end, when we think we have nothing to contribute, nothing new to give birth to, we can make the biggest changes and do the most good. This is how we honor the very last drop of life, the privilege of being above ground.

For example, a death row prisoner, Philip Workman, just before his execution requested that his final meal be a vegetarian pizza donated to any homeless person near Riverbend Maximum Security Institution. Oddly enough prison officials did not honor his final request, the reason being that it is not prison policy to donate to charities. However, homeless shelters across Nashville were overwhelmed with pizzas because people rallied to fulfill the dying prisoner’s last request. One simple expression of charity triggered a chain reaction of generosity and sparked new consciousness for the forgotten homeless.

Miles Levin, a teenager with a rare form of cancer in stage four of his illness, created a blog to express his thoughts and feelings. His words were read globally: "Keep Fighting. Stop Struggling." "So often we use lazy words which fall to the ground and never get up, but those can change the world, or at least a person.” "I've been at my computer too long now. It's a beautiful day outside and I don't have time to miss it."

While Philip and Miles have both been sentenced in different forms, they both exhibit a second spring. Let us learn from their life force. Fortunately, we don’t have to experience adversity to grow towards the light. We can activate our senses and enjoy life’s simple pleasures this moment. In nature some plants might grow in spite of harsh, extreme growing conditions, but most plants require a little nurturing, warmth, water and sunlight to bloom profusely. No matter what our stage of growth, let us honor our natural mother who gave us life.

This is my blessing to you: May you bloom where you are planted!

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