It’s Just a Story
EFT, Hypnosis and a Change in Reality?

If you’ve taken any of my workshops you have surely heard me say numerous times, “It’s just a story”.

At first the statement can be confusing because we tend to take ourselves so seriously. And when I first began using the statement with my clients I was afraid I would offend my client, which of course later I learned that offending my client could be a very important piece in their transformation. But that’s another “story”.

For instance a client came to me because she was feeling anxiety over money because her husband had lost his job. She continues to tell me that she is scared that they won’t be able to make the house payment and they will lose their house. She is very distraught. I feel her fear. The fear of “not enough” is epidemic, especially now.

I lead her in a round of EFT. We begin with- “Even though I feel all of this anxiety about money, I deeply and completely love, accept, and forgive myself. After repeating this statement and similar statements a few times we move to the other tapping points on the body.

I continue to lead her through tapping about the anxiety, fear of losing the house, the constriction in her body, etc. I can sense by the tone of her voice and by the way she is breathing that she is already feeling some relief.

Seeing this I begin to lead her in another direction. And she repeats after me, while she is tapping, statements such as:
But maybe this is just a story.
And it’s a lousy story.
It’s a scary story.
Maybe I can experience this is another way.
Maybe all is in divine right order.
Maybe it is true that when one door closes a thousand more open.
Maybe when I’m staring at the closed door I can’t see the opened doors.
Maybe I can allow myself to see this in another way.
Maybe I can see this as a new opportunity for my husband, my self and our family.
Maybe this is truly a blessing.
Maybe I can feel peaceful and calm at this time.
Yes, I give myself permission to feel peaceful and calm.

Now she’s floating, she’s even smiling.

I go on to explain that everything is just a story. When something happens in our lives we instantly decide whether it is good or bad. And from there we build the story. We tell ourselves the story, we futurize the story and then we feel the emotions around the story. And most of the time it’s not a good story. Most of us have become very adept at scaring the hell out of ourselves.

This is called self-hypnosis! You imagine an outcome and feel the emotions around it. You don’t have to be lying down and relaxing to hypnotize yourself. You’re doing it all the time with your stories.

We have stories about everything.
We should follow tradition…just a story.
We’re having a drought…just a story.
My mother had cancer, so I probably will…just a story.
I’ll be late for my appointment due to traffic…just a story.
My husband should be more understanding…just a story.
Nobody will hire me because I don’t have an education…just a story.

What stories are you telling yourself?

You have the choice to tell yourself a good story. Then futurize it; and feel the good feelings of abundance joy and success.

Yes, I know this can be harder. It takes practice to assume that only good things happen in our lives. I know. Our societal conditioning is one of fear. We base our stories on the stories that were told to us by our parents. And as a parent myself I can understand that many of the stories we tell are based in fear and the worst case scenario to protect us and to protect our children. Of course there is nobody to blame. But now we tell our own stories; stories of harmony, peace, joy, love and of course abundance.

We are beginning to understand that what we focus on is what we create. Emotional freedom technique (EFT) is a power tool that moves us quickly out of fear so that we can begin to tell ourselves a more neutral or even positive story, just as I described above.

After all… it’s just a story.

Author's Bio: 

Michelle Lee, Certified hypnotherapist, EFT Practitioner and Soul Practitioner specializes in Self-Love. Michelle understands that Self-Love is our only path to enlightenment. Because we are expressions of God, when we fall in love with ourSelves we are falling in love with God. Self-love is the natural prerequisite to authentic harmony, peace, joy, love and success. Michelle can be reached at